Women's & Gender Studies Degree Completion Program

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UMass Dartmouth Women's & Gender Studies Program offers a fully online degree completion program. Students who complete the program receive a Bachelor of Arts in Women's & Gender Studies.

Why Women's & Gender Studies?

Women's & Gender Studies explores women's experiences by placing women at the center of inquiry as subjects rather than objects. It also examines women's lives, voices, histories, roles, and ideas in an effort to understand how women—of various classes, races, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, and ages—have been constructed, identified, oppressed, acclaimed, and developed.

Women's & Gender Studies argues that women's experiences are important if we are to understand human society and to make changes cross-culturally. Gender alone does not yield a full understanding of women's lives, so Women's Studies courses examine other factors, such as race, class, culture, and sexuality.

Schedule of upcoming courses 

(subject to change)

Fall 2014
WGS 101: Introduction to WGS
WGS 201: Introduction to Feminist Theory
WGS 300/CJS 350: Gender, Crime, and In-Justice
WGS/HST 300: Women in World History
WGS/PSC 400/500: Topic: Work/Family Issues
WGS 300: Gender and Communication - 1st 7 weeks

Intersession 2015
WGS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies

Spring 2015

WGS/PSC 339: Women and Public Policy
WGS 307: Ecofeminism (306 is an alternative)
WGS/HST 300: Women in Latin American History
WGS 359: Men and Masculinities
WGS 300/PSC 390: Disposable Women

Maymester 2015
WGS 101: Introduction to WGS

Summer 2015
1st 5 Week Session
WGS/HST 270: Latin American Civilizations
WGS/PSC 369: Global Women's Health

2nd 5 Week Session
WGS/CJS 336: Women, Crime, and the Law
WGS/ENL 346: Women Writers
WGS/PSC 300: Special Topics / or
WGS/PSC 300: Reproductive Rights 
WGS/HST 300: Women in Brazilian History

7 Week Session
WGS/ENL 347: Women’s Literature

Fall 2015
WGS 101: Introduction to WGS
WGS 201: Introduction to Feminist Theory
WGS 312: Research Methods - tentative
WGS/CJS 300: Topic-IPV
WGS 300/HST 389: Gender and Occupation across Cultures

Intersession 2016
WGS 101: Introduction to WGS

Spring 2016
WGS/PSC 332: Sex Roles and Politics
WGS 208: Global Perspectives
WGS 300/CJS 350: Gender, Crime, and In-Justice
WGS 306: (or WGS307 if not taught 2015)
WGS 213: Sex Workers, Nannies, and Maids
WGS/HST 300: Women in World History
WGS 499: Capstone (tentative) 

Women's & Gender Studies prepares you for the future of living and working in an increasingly diverse culture.

The program helps students to:

  • Understand the role of diversity within the nation and the world, especially pertaining to the ways in which gender is linked to race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, etc.
  • Develop lifelong learning skills as they learn to self-reflect on both their place and their responsibilities within their local community
  • Develop self-confidence, critical thought processes, and communication skills that contribute to academic achievement and successful post-university careers

A Women's & Gender Studies degree enables students to pursue a variety of occupations in fields such as the arts, business, education, health care, media, politics, law, social services, and psychology.


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