Women's & Gender Studies Undergraduate Certificate Program


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UMass Dartmouth Women's & Gender Studies (WGS) Undergraduate Online Certificate offers students the opportunity to develop a fuller understanding of the position of women in society. Courses draw upon such fields as economics, history, literature, political science, and sociology, as well as feminist thought and methodology.

The WGS Online Undergraduate Certificate fosters an active examination of the varying influences upon the lives of women and men such as race, class, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, and age. The certificate program provides students with opportunities to:

  • Think about the construction and influences of gender in contemporary society
  • Discover the historical factors that have shaped the current status of women from varying backgrounds and countries
  • Explore paths to achieve equality for all people

Learn about the online learning experience learning experience from Women's & Gender Studies online program graduates.

Please review admissions before applying.

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