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Women's Studies Affiliated Faculty

WMS Jointly Appointed & Affiliated Faculty (Full Time)

The following full time and adjunct faculty members actively teach courses that are either directly Women's Studies or cross-listed courses:

  • Michael Baum, Political Science
  • Heidi Berggren, Political Science & Women's Studies
  • Tom Boone, Psychology
  • Brenda Bouchard, Med Lab Science
  • Magali Carrera, Art History
  • Phyllis Currier, Nursing
  • Anna Dempsey, Art History
  • Jan Fairbairn, Design
  • Catherine Gardner, Philosophy & Women's Studies (Interim Director)
  • Janet Gardner, English
  • Siegal Gottlieb, Mathematics
  • Maureen Hall, Education
  • Memory Holloway, Art History
  • Catherine Houser, English
  • Barbara R. Jacobskind, English (Emeritus)
  • Shannon Jenkins, Political Science
  • Lewis Kamm, Foreign Literature & Computer Science (Emeritus)
  • Andrea Klimt, Anthropology/Sociology
  • Anna Klobucka, Portuguese
  • Lisa Maya Knauer, Anthropology/Sociology
  • Susan Krumholz, Director of Criminal Justice; Sociology
  • Gerard M. Koot, History
  • Christopher Larkosh, Portuguese
  • Yoon Soo Lee, Art & Design
  • Cristina Mehrtens, History
  • Betty L. Mitchell, History
  • Stephanie O'Hara, Foreign Literature & Languages
  • Juli L. Parker, Women's Studies; Director, Women's Resource Center
  • Teal Pedlow, Psychology
  • Penn Reeve, Anthropology/Sociology
  • Isabel Rodrigues, Anthropology/Sociology
  • Jeannette E. Riley, English & Women's Studies
  • Robin Robinson, Sociology/Criminal Justice
  • Matthew Sneider, History

Part-time Faculty

  • Kristen Abatsis, Women's Studies
  • Dave Berger, Economics
  • Elizabeth Lehr, Women's Studies