Minor in Political Science

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Political Science Minor Requirements

The Political Science (PSC) minor consists of 21 total credits in PSC.  Six credits are earned in Foundation Courses and 15 credits are earned in Specialized Courses. 

Minor course credits must be taken with at least three different professors/instructors.  Students must achieve at least a 2.5 average in all Political Science courses and a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.  Students must formally declare the minor by the end of their fifth semester and must have completed 54 credits. Appropriate forms will be available from faculty advisors in the Political Science Department.

Foundation Courses - 6 credits (2 courses)
Two 100-level courses from this list:

  • PSC 101  Introduction to American Politics
  • PSC 151  Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSC 161  Introduction to International Relations
  • PSC 171  Introduction to Political Theory

Specialized Courses - 15 credits (5 courses)
Five courses above the PSC 100 level in at least 2 of the 4 subfield areas: American/Policy; Comparative Politics; International Relations; Political Theory.
Note: A maximum of 1 of these 5 courses can be completed at PSC 200-level; a minimum of 1 of these 5 courses must be completed at the PSC 400-level

  •  PSC __________  
  •  PSC __________  
  •  PSC __________
  •  PSC __________
  •  PSC __________

Upper level courses include:

American/Policy Comparative International Relations Political Theory
PSC 300-302 PSC 360-380 PSC 346 PSC 320
PSC 303 (various topics) PSC 362 (various topics) PSC 381-386 PSC 321
PSC 306-315 PSC 390-395 PSC 464 PSC 351-359
PSC 322-348 PSC 450 (various topics) PSC 473  
PSC 400 (various topics) PSC 451 PSC 477 (various topics)  
PSC 408, 409      
PSC 416, 434      











Important note: courses offered by Policy Studies ("PST" and/or "POL" courses) do not count towards Political Science major or minor requirements!