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Applied Behavior Analyst Post-Master's Certificate

The Applied Behavior Analyst Certificate Post-Master’s Program is a one year, 15-credit program with an optional 6-credit practicum. Please note: students can choose to complete this program at their own pace. It is not a requirement that it be completed in one year; however, it is expected that students will complete this program on a timely basis.

It is offered under the direction of the UMass Dartmouth Psychology Department and courses are approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®). The certificate program meets the course content requirement to sit for the BACB® exam. Applicants should be familiar with the BACB® standards.

The BACB® requires applicants to complete 1500 hours of supervised fieldwork placement in behavior analysis. If students are not employed with an agency that provides appropriate fieldwork supervision, then they can enroll in the three 2-credit ABA Fieldwork Seminars based on space availability. If a student completes these Seminars, then the number of required placement hours is reduced to 1000.

Graduation rates, median debt of students who completed the program and other important information

Post Masters Certificate Fact Sheet 


Fall Semester

  • PSY 509 - Principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis

Spring Semester

  • PSY 520 - Advanced Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • PSY 527 - Clinical Applications of Applied Behavioral Analysis

Summer Sumester 

  • PSY 525 - Implementing Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings

Fall Semester of Second Year (if necessary)

  • PSY 526 - Research Design and Ethics in Applied Behavioral Analysis*

Total Credits: 15

*PSY 526 may be taken during the first semester of the first year if students have advanced training and if the student is given instructor permission. Taking PSY 526 in the fall of the first semester would shorten the program to a single year.