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 Other Necessary Information

Grade Requirements

In addition to conforming to the Graduate Degree Requirements, students in the General Psychology Option must pass at least five of the six required courses with a B- or better in each course. Students who take an Incomplete in any course in the first year of study must complete the work by June 30 of that first year. (Part time students must complete all Incompletes within one month of their completing 18 credits.)

First Year Probation

Students who get a C+ or below in a required course during their first semester will be placed on academic probation. They must bring their cumulative GPA up to 3.00 by the end of the first year.

Graduate Thesis

Full-time students in the General Psychology Option must have a thesis advisor by the end of Spring Break of their first year. They will be enrolled for thesis credit after they have completed their first year in good standing, as described above.

Combined BA-MA in Psychology

Our BA-MA page has more information on this option.