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 Registering for Classes

Course Selection and Registration

Students are responsible for planning their schedules and fulfilling graduation requirements. Each student is assigned an advisor who can help you in this task.

Each semester you must make an appointment with your advisor to review your course selections. The advisor then removes the hold on your account so that you can register on-line at or after your appointed time (which you will get in your invitation to register). Psychology advisors often have a group session each semester. Look for announcements via email or signs on the advisors' door. Also, be aware that the Psychology Department communicates via email to students' campus accounts. It is your responsibility to check it regularly. You can forward your UMASS email to a different email account, if you wish.

Here is a list of information and resouces.

  • The UMASS Dartmouth catalog of the year in which you admitted is the official document for all requirements. Keep a copy of the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.
  • You are responsible for fulling the following requirements (you may download complete Guidelines For Major ):
    • The College of Arts & Sciences and the General Education requirements, which are designed to provide a well-rounded liberal arts requirements. Fortunately, these are highly overlapping. They include a variety of courses in disparate disciplines as well as courses that emphasize skills such as writing and computer use. Note that one of the College requirements is to pass a foreign language at the 202 level.
    • The Psychology major consists of 32 credits of required courses. Generally 200-level courses are taken in one's sophomore year, 300-level courses in one's junior year, and 400-level courses in one's senior year. In addition, most Psychology courses have specific prerequisites.
    • You must maintain a specified GPA. By the time you have 30 credits your GPA must be at least 2.00. By the time you have 50 credits your GPA must be 2.75. In addition, you must not receive three or more grades of "W" or "I" in one semester.
    • 30 credits upper-level courses (300 and above), which may be from any department, including Psychology and selected courses in Education
    • 45 credits at UMASS Dartmouth
    • 120 credits total
  • Your advisor is listed in COIN.

Attention: Graduating Seniors

  1. Make very sure you go over your record with your advisor at the end of your junior year to be sure you have what you need.
  2. Be sure to fill out the Registrar's Intend to Graduate Form.