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STEM Education and Teacher Development Advising

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STEM and Teacher Development Advisors
Science Stephen Witzig Assistant Professor 508.910.9030 switzig@umassd.edu
English Maureen Hall Associate Professor 508.999.8211 mhall@umassd.edu
Foreign Language/
Special Education
Sheila Macrine Associate Professor 508.999.9234 smacrine@umassd.edu
Math Chandra Orrill Associate Professor/Department Chair 774.929.3052 corrill@umassd.edu
History Joao Rosa Associate Professor 508.910.6603 jrosa@umassd.edu
Content Advisors
Spanish/French Christina Biron Professor 508.999.8743 cbiron@umassd.edu
English Christopher Eisenhart                       Associate Professor 508.910.6468 ceisenhart@umasssd.edu
History Robert Pontbriand Full Time Lecturer 508.999.8602 rpontbriand@umassd.edu
Portuguese Glaucia Silva Associate Professor  508.999.8271 gsilva@umassd.edu
Traci Almeida Graduate Admissions Coordinator 508.999.8098 talmeida@umassd.edu
Teaching and Learning Department Administrative Assistant
Lindsey Cabral Clerk IV 508.999.8262  u_l1cabral@umassd.edu