Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework of the program affirms that:

Through collaborative partnerships along the South Coast, the STEM Education and Teacher Development Department is committed to preparing Critical educators for transformative practice through its program goals and objectives.

The conceptual framework of the STEM Education and Teacher Development Department is based on developing Critical Educators for Transformative Practice Utilizing a Socially Responsive Curriculum, which consists of six Teacher Education Themes:

  •  Reflective Practice
  •  Bridge Theory to Practice
  •  Multicultural Sensitivity/Promoting Social Justice
  •  Democratizing Access for All
  •  Professionalism
  •  Collaboration


Program Goals:

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth teacher educator program seeks to develop thoughtful and responsive educators who serve the needs of a diverse student population.  In particular, we follow the mission of the University and School of Education as well as the conceptual framework for the unit, which is to prepare "thoughtful and responsive educators."

The expectation is that students demonstrate:

  • COMMITMENTS (by upholding ethical behaviors, pursuing lifelong learning, dedicating oneself to serve others, and by acknowledging human resiliency and capability to learn)
  • UNDERSTANDINGS (by possessing breadth and depth in content and pedagogical knowledge, assessment practices, and the use of technology in practices)
  • PRACTICES (by demonstrating caring behavior and by collaborating productively with others, reflecting on how to improve professional practices, and promoting social justice as a social change agent)


Program Common Objectives:

Common Objectives of all teacher preparation programs at UMass Dartmouth: 

Students completing our teacher education programs are able to demonstrate the Massachusetts Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK) requirements specific to their license and the Massachusetts Professional Standards for all Teachers (PST). They also use the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education Guidelines for Pre-service Performance Assessment (PPA).