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 Maureen P. Hall, Ph.D.

Maureen P. Hall, Ph.D.



Maureen P. Hall, Ph.D. University of Virginia (2003)
Associate Professor
Specializes in literacy education, service learning, developmental reading and language arts K-12,writing pedagogies, professional development, community-making, innovation and reform





Teaching & Research Interests  |  Recent Publications  |  Courses 

Teaching & Research Interests

Maureen Hall's current research centers on cognitive-affective approaches in teaching and learning, the integration of contemplative practices for deepening learning, and how reading and writing can change lives. She spent a year in India over 2010-2011 as a Fulbright-Nehru Research Scholar researching the Super Accelerated Learning Theory (SALT). Part of her sustained interest in India involves learning more about the origins and ideas underpinning various contemplative practices, as she finds that these practices hold great possibilities for deepening student learning.

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Recent Publications


Archibald, O. and Hall, M.P. (forthcoming, January 2014). Writing from the inside: The power of reflective writing. London, England: Equinox Publishing.

Waxler, R.P. and Hall, M.P. (2011). Transforming Literacy: Changing Lives Through Reading and Writing. England: Emerald Insight Publishing.

Book Chapters

Hall, M.P. (2011) Putting the super accelerated learning theory (SALT) into classroom practice. In Perspectives in the Vedanta, edited by Prof. Girish Nath Jha et al. (Jawarharlal Nehru University-JNU in Delhi, India)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Hall, M.P. and Bergandy, J. (2010). Investigating k-12 teacher attitudes towards technology. Academic Exchange Quarterly. Winter.

Hall, M. P. and Waxler, R.P. (2010). Engaging future teachers to reflect on how reading and writing can change lives. Writing and Pedagogy. Vol. 2, Number 1. Spring.

Hall, M. P. (2009). Service learning in urban alternative schools: Investigating affective development in preservice teacher education. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal. Volume 2, Issue 3. March.

Hall, M. P., and Archibald, O. (2008). Investigating contemplative practice in creative writing and education classes: A play (of practice and theory) in three acts. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Volume 2, Number 1, 1-18. January.

Hall, M. P., and Waxler, R. P. (2007). It worked for criminals: It will work for middle schoolers. The Journal of Urban Education. Volume 4, Number 1. 122-132. Spring.

Hall, M.P. (2007). Becoming a teaching professional: Affective development and inquiry through service learning. The Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning. <www.jcal.emory.edu>. 3(2). 29-30. Spring.

Hall, M. P. (2007). Service-learning and intentionality: Creating and assessing cognitive-affective learning connections. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, Volume 11, 33-43. Spring.

Hall, M.P. (2006). Unified modeling language (uml) and k-12: Borrowing proven technologies to empower problem-solving abilities. International Journal of Learning, Volume 13(4). 7-14.

Hall, M.P. (2005). Bridging the heart and mind: Community as a device for linking cognitive and affective learning. Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning, 1. 8-12.

Pate, R. H. & Hall, M.P. (2005). One approach to a counseling and spirituality course. Counseling and Values, 49, 155-160.

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Spring 2011

ELP 553 Sabbatical Leave: Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Scholar in India

Summer 2011

MAT 612 Instructional Methodology
EDU 612 Teaching Elementary and Middle School Writing


Fall 2011

EDU 500 Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning   
EDU 511  Contemporary Instruction
 EDU 525  Integrated Reading Literacy and Content Methods
 EDU 531  Practicum, Elementary
 EDU 532  Practicum, Secondary   

Spring 2012

EDU 500 Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning
EDU 511 Contemporary Instruction
EDU 525 Integrated Reading Literacy and Content Methods

Summer 2012

MAT 612 Instructional Methodology
EDU 611 Developmental Reading



Fall 2012

EDU 500 Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning 
EDU 525  Integrated Reading Literacy and Content Methods
 EDU 532  Practicum, Secondary

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