STEM ED and Teacher Development FAQ

+ Can I start as an undergraduate?

Yes. In your junior year, you will begin taking fifteen graduate-level credits which count toward the BA/MAT or BS/MAT degree. (Discover your pathway to licensure)

+ Do I need an undergraduate degree in my content area?

No, but you are subject to a transcript review in order to meet subject knowledge requirements.

+ How do I go from a preliminary license to an initial license?

You must complete an approved teacher prep program.

+ Do I have to complete a practicum if I'm already teaching?

Yes. You are required to complete a full semester of supervised student teaching as part of the program.

+ What is MTEL?

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure program was initiated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 1998 as part of our statewide education reform initiative for educators seeking PreKindergarten to grade 12 licenses. The MTEL program includes a test of communication and literacy skills as well as tests of subject matter knowledge. The tests are designed to ensure that Massachusetts educators can communicate adequately with students, parents/guardians, and other educators and that they are knowledgeable in the subject matter of the license sought.

- Communication and Literacy (01)
- General Curriculum (03)
- Foundations of Reading (90)


- Communication and Literacy (01)
- Specific Content

+ Who can advise me?

Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor List

+ What are the program application deadlines?

- December 15th for spring admission

- July 15th for fall admission

+ What is a CORI?

Criminal Offender Record Information

+ What are the deadlines for requesting a praticum?

- March 1st for Fall Semester

- October 1st  Spring Semester

+ Where do I go for my pre-practicum and practicum experiences?

- Southocast Compact schools 
- 14 participating districts

For list of participating districts please see Partnerships page.

+ How do I apply for Graduation?

You must complete your Application for Diploma from the Registrar's website. March 15th is the deadline for Spring and Summer graduation, and November 15th is the deadline for Fall graduation.