Undergraduate Programs

The programs in Sociology, Anthropology, and Crime and Justice Studies all share the broader goal of understanding society and culture through a comparative and historical perspective. Specifically, the curriculum is designed to foster students’ understanding of the social construction of difference, entrenched systems of inequality and oppression and the dynamics of local and global distributions of power.

Major in Sociology

Sociology is the study of social behavior and the socio-cultural settings in which it occurs. It involves the study of whole societies and their basic institutions as well as smaller scale groups such as the family, peer group and neighborhood. Sociology has long been a popular major for students planning futures and further training in such professions as social work, law, politics, education, public administration, public health and health care, and urban planning. A major in this department provides a foundation for social action as well as for graduate work in a variety of disciplines including policy studies, sociology, anthropology and women’s studies.

Major in Sociology, Anthropology Option

Anthropology and sociology overlap somewhat, although anthropologists are more likely to study non-western societies or subcultures in the U.S. and to focus on understanding culture and power in a global context. Our program emphasizes the development of a holistic cross-cultural perspective and offers exposure to ways of life in the United States as well as in other societies around the world. Our faculty has expertise in societies in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe as well as the U.S. Students graduating with an anthropology degree may pursue other advanced degrees in a wide range of fields such as women’s studies, anthropology, social work, and education. They will also be prepared for jobs in fields that require an understanding of cultural difference and social inequality such as: teaching and educational policy; social services; museum and historical preservation; government and public service; environmental assessment; urban planning and development; medical and public health; and business.

Minors in Sociology and Anthropology

Either minor compliments a broad array of other majors at UMass Dartmouth.

General Education Requirements

CAS Distribution Requirements

Pre-Law Program and 3+3 (site under development)


Options for Minors and Double Majors:

African-African American Studies



Labor Studies

Public Policy

Political Science

Religious Studies

Sustainability Studies

Women's Studies