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Anthropology Minor Requirements

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The minor in Anthropology requires completion of at least 18 credits, of which 9 must be at the upper division level.


Three (3) credits required.

Note: Sociology majors may not use the same Introduction course for both major and minor.


Three (3) credits required.

Note: Sociology and Crime and Justice Studies majors may not use the same Theory course for both major and minor - and will need to substitute another ANT course.


Three (3) credits required. Complete the following course or an equivalent methods course in Psychology, Economics or Political Science can be substituted. In the case of a substitution, an additional 300 or 400 level ANT course is required. Sociology and Crime and Justice Studies majors must substitute an additional 300 or 400 level ANT course for Methods.

Anthropology Electives

Nine (9) credits required: three upper-division courses  (ANT prefix only, 300 or 400 level).

Total Credits: 18





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