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WGS Major

Women's and Gender Studies Major

The major in Women's and Gender Studies is composed of 36 credits (12 classes) that are completed in the following way: 

  • Five (5) Core Courses for 15 credit hours as follows:
    • WGS 101: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
    • WGS 201: Introduction to Feminist Theory (note: this course is a prerequisite for the upper-level feminist theory core course)
    • WGS 312: Feminist Research Methods
    • Upper-level Feminist Theory Course (choose one):
      • WGS 302: Global Feminism
      • WGS 305: Contemporary Feminist Theory and Practice
      • WGS 306: Third Wave
      • WGS 307: Ecofeminism: Philosophy & Practice
    • WGS 499: WGS Capstone Seminar
  • One (1) course in each of the following concentration areas for 12 credit hours:
  • Two (2) additional courses in one of the four concentration areas for a “specialization” (6 credits)
  • One (1) elective in any of the concentrations or in feminist theory (3 credits)

For a listing of Courses by Concentration please click here: Courses by Concentration

Note: 7 of the 12 courses must be at the upper level (300/400 level courses)

Do you want to major in Women's and Gender Studies?

Please contact either Prof. Heidi Berggren, Co-Chairperson of Women's and Gender Studies, ext. 8272, LArts 328, or Prof. Stephanie O'Hara, Co-Chairperson of Women's and Gender Studies, ext. 8336, LArts 352.  

The following sheets outline the major requirements:

  • For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2012 and for transfer students with more than 30 credits, who matriculated in 2012-2013:
  • For students matriculating in Fall 2012 and after and for transfer students with less than 30 credits, matriculating in Fall 2012 and after:





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