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Arts and Letters

The concentration in Arts and Letters draws on work in literature, history, fine art, art history, theatre or drama, and popular culture. The grouping together of these courses reflects the way that work in Women’s and Gender Studies in these areas has smudged the traditional disciplinary boundaries and has created new ways of conceptualizing knowledge.

The following courses will form the area of concentration in Arts and Letters. In some cases a course may count in two areas of concentration, but may only be taken for credit in one.

200-level Courses:

  • WGS 200: Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (depending on topic)
  • WGS 209 (HST 207): Women’s History in the United States: Colonial to the Present
  • WGS 210: Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (depending on topic)
  • WGS 214 (ENL 214): African-American Literature
  • WGS 245 (ENL 245): Images of Women in Literature
  • WGS 246 (ENL 246): Women Writers
  • WGS 260 (POR 260): Gender and Sexuality in Lusophone Literatures
  • WGS 270 (HST 270): Latin American Civilizations (3)

300-level Courses:

  • WGS 300: Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (depending on topic)
  • WGS 316 (HST 316): Gender in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1)
  • WGS 317 (HST 317): History of European Women (3)
  • WGS 318 (HST 318): Women’s Biography and Autobiography
  • WGS 323 (ARH 323): Women, Film, and Popular Culture
  • WGS 347 (ENL 347): Special Topics in Women’s Literature
  • WGS 348 (ENL 348): American Women Playwrights
  • WGS 364 (HST 364): Social and Cultural History of Russia (3)
  • WGS 370 (ENL 370): Women, Writing and Media
  • WGS 368 (HST 368): History of Feminist Thought
  • WGS 380 (ARH 380): Feminist Perspectives on Art History (1)
  • WGS 391 (HST 391): Topics in African History (depending on topic)
  • WGS 327/328 (ENL 327/328): African American Literature I and II

400-level Courses:

  • WGS 401 (AAS 401, HST 401, JST 401): Seminar in American History (depending on content)
  • WGS 402 (AAS 402, HST 402, JST 402): Seminar in European History(depending on content) (3)
  • WGS 403 (AAS 403, HST 403, JST 403): Seminar in World History (depending on content) (3)
  • WGS 490 (ENL 403): Seminar in an American Author (crosslists with WGS depending on instructor)
  • WGS 421 (ENL 421): Seminar: American Literature Theme (depending on content)
  • WGS 490: Advanced Special Topic in Women’s and Gender Studies
  • WGS 495: Independent Study

(1) May also be taken for the concentration in Gender Studies
(2) May also be taken for the concentration in Politics, Justice and Policy
(3) May also be taken for the concentration in Cross-Cultural Inquiry





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