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WGS Minor

Why Should I Pursue a Women's and Gender Studies Minor?

Women's and Gender Studies courses offer a valuable component to any disciplinary major. Students develop self-confidence, critical thought processes, and communication skills that contribute to academic achievement and successful post-university careers. Women's and Gender Studies students have used their unique preparation to pursue graduate degrees in Women's and Gender Studies and other disciplines. Students have also pursued careers in law, human services, business, the health sciences, visual arts, publishing, and education. With its emphasis on critical thinking and communication, the Women's and Gender Studies minor is a valuable asset for any college graduate.

The Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers a minor in Women's and Gender Studies through a flexible interdisciplinary program of courses. Many classes are organized in seminar style to allow the fullest possible participation of all students. Minors work closely with a faculty advisor to explore course options and earn academic credits through independent study and field work opportunities.

Do you want to minor in Women's and Gender Studies? If so, please contact either Prof. Heidi Berggren, Co-Chairperson of Women's and Gender Studies, ext. 8272, LArts 328, or Prof. Stephanie O'Hara, Co-Chairperson of Women's and Gender Studies, ext. 8336, LArts 352.

WGS Minor Checklists and Student Information Sheet

The Women's and Gender Studies Minor Online

The Women's and Gender Studies minor may be completed through enrollment in online courses offered by University Extension. The online courses encompass the same Women's and Gender Studies academic material as standard lecture courses; furthermore, they offer students advanced skills with computer-based learning and the use and assessment of internet information.

Why pursue the Women's and Gender Studies minor online?

For students, there are a number of practical answers to this question: classes fit around one's work and family schedules; you can work at your own pace; and you don't have to come to campus! Some of our students, after all, are from out of state, even out of the country.

Furthermore, online learning provides students with skills that will serve them well throughout their lifetimes. Online learning teaches students to read and decipher texts on their own, search the internet for more information and bring in other ideas, as well as put their ideas into words through discussions with the professor and classmates via discussion board postings and chat rooms.


Overall, taking an online course such as the Intro to WGS allowed me to become an active participant in my college education. It allowed me free range in respectfully voicing my opinions as well as reading the opinions of my peers and teacher. Having the opportunity to work at my own pace allowed me to decipher intellectual conversations and put things in perspective from a personal standpoint as well as an educational one.   --Doreen, UMass Dartmouth Student

The biggest benefit of on-line learning was having consistent access to the professor. When I read the assigned essays, I was frustrated and felt that some of the authors were painting with very wide brushes, and I didn't agree with some of what they were saying. I was able to chat with my Professor online and voice my concerns. She, in turn, encouraged me to read the essays with an open mind and try to see things from a different vantage point. This interaction occurred within a few days time. Had I been in a traditional classroom, I probably would not have been able to discuss this with the professor so quickly.  --Sue, UMass Dartmouth Student