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All About Eportfolios

Beginning in the fall of 2008, all Art History and Women's and Gender Studies majors will create an Eportfolio so that faculty may assess their learning and success with program objectives.

To enter the pages designed for your department's Eportfolio initiative, click on its link below:

Art History

Women's and Gender Studies

What is an Eportfolio?

The UMass Dartmouth Eportfolio system uses electronic portfolio software created and owned by Chalk & Wire. In this space, you will store and faculty will assess the work you've done in courses throughout your major program (documents, reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc.); however, it is more than just a filing cabinet. While your work in selected courses is assessed by faculty, the portfolio approach asks that you reflect on the ways each of the assignments and each of the courses contribute to the whole, i.e., the learning objectives that your department established for you as a major.

The portfolio has two objectives:

1.  In your Eportfolio, you will review and reflect on your work, particularly as the work pertains to the major learning goals and to your personal goals. The reflective practices of creating portfolios enable you to
    • document and track your learning;
    • develop an integrated, coherent picture of your learning experiences; and
    • enhance your own understanding of the meaning of your personal educational journey.

The process helps you plan and proceed toward your future goals, while allowing you to showcase your skills and knowledge. Faculty assessors from your department will view your portfolio. You may also, if you choose, share the Eportfolio with prospective employers, graduate schools, and others.

2. Like all university departments, yours is required to demonstrate meaningful evidence of students learning throughout the program. Your department has chosen the Eportfolio system to meet this requirement because it is relatively user-friendly, for both students and faculty, and it benefits you, as well.