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 Office Contact Information

Administrative OfficeContactOfficePhoneE-mail
Dean A. Gunasekaran's Office Corey Rose CCB112 508.999.8423 crose@umassd.edu
Associate Dean Zhengzhong Shi's Office Daryl Nobles CCB112 508.999.8432 dnobles@umassd.edu
Accounting/Finance Department
Professor Jia Wu - Chair
Lori Raspotnik-Hrycin CCB309 508.999.9288 lraspotnikhrycin@umassd.edu
Decision and Information Sciences Department
Professor BK Rai  - Chair
Juma Miller CCB202 508.999.8862 j1miller@umassd.edu
Management/Marketing Department
Professor C. Curran - Chair
Eileen Muscarella CCB207 508.999.8446 emuscarella@umassd.edu
Interim Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs David Henchy CCB102 508.999.8543 dhenchy@umassd.edu
Assistant Dean for Undergraduates Neal Gouck CCB103 508.999.8261 ngouck@umassd.edu
Undergraduate Coordinator Gordon McLennan CCB101 508.910.6956 gmclennan@umassd.edu
Advising Office Assistant Annette Conrad CCB101 508.999.8427 aconrad@umassd.edu

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