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Core Curriculum

  • MGT 677: Leading, Motivating, and Empowering Others
  • MGT 671: Management of Organizational Change
  • MGT 673: Organizational Structure and Design

Students will generally take all three of the courses listed above, and they will choose one of the two from the list below. A student who is waived from taking one of the first three courses will take both MGT 600 and MGT 675.

One or more business foundation courses may be required for applicants who have not completed an equivalent course at the upper-division undergraduate or graduate business level as part of an undergraduate baccalaureate degree program.

Choose One of the Following:

  • MGT 600: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Law
  • MGT 675: Managing Across Cultures

Total number of required credits: 12

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Change Management is a one year certificate program, although part-time students may take 4 or more semesters to complete the program. Ten years is the maximum length of time a student may stay enrolled in the certificate program.

Students will only receive credit for courses if they receive a final grade of B- (2.7) or higher. No course with a final grade of less than B- (2.7) will count toward the Certificate in Leadership and Change Management in Business graduation requirements.


The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership is to develop skills that enable individuals to operate more effectively in today's dynamic organizations. The program’s graduates will:

  • develop an understanding of key components for leadership, motivation, and empowerment of others
  • examine strategies for effective management of change processes and initiatives
  • gain knowledge of organizational design and structures that facilitate high-performance work systems
  • develop an understanding of corporate social responsibility and its impact on organizational effectiveness

Online programs and courses are offered by the Departments and Colleges of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth through UMass Dartmouth University Extension.