4 + 1 Bachelors/MBA option for non-business majors

Are you a non-business undergraduate considering a career in business, government, or the not-for-profit sector? Charlton’s 4+1 option to earn your bachelor’s and your MBA in five years might be right for you.

  • Complete your liberal arts or professional degree
  • Master contemporary business knowledge and skills
  • Stand out in today’s competitive job market

Apply for the fifth-year MBA

Apply to the Bachelor/MBA program after completing 75 credits in your undergraduate program—with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2.

Take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) early in the second half of your junior year.

Admission is selective and depends on a combination of GMAT scores and GPA. You’ll learn whether you’ve been accepted prior to registration for senior year.

Build your business foundation

You’ll take up to three MBA foundation courses (9 credits) during your senior year. These credits count as undergraduate electives but are also applied toward the MBA. You’ll pay for these senior-year credits at undergraduate tuition rates.

  • ACT 500: Financial Accounting
  • FIN 500: Finance and Economics for Managers
  • POM 500: Statistical Analysis*
*May be waived based on relevant undergraduate statistics courses. If the statistics course is waived, you may take an MBA core course during your senior year.

4+1 students must earn at least a B+ grade in each foundation course in order to matriculate into the MBA program. Students who earn less than a B+ will need to retake the course.


As soon as possible:

We're here to provide support in preparing for the GMAT, course scheduling, career planning, and more!

Complete your MBA in a year

To complete the MBA program in one year, you'll take four courses in each of two semesters and two courses during the summer or the winter intersession.

  • ACT 650
  • FIN 650
  • MIS 650
  • MGT 650
  • MKT 650
  • POM 651
  • MGT 659
  • Three or four electives depending on chosen concentration

Total credit hours: 30 to 33