All forms are in PDF format.

Degree requirement sheets for each major

Degree requirement sheets (PDFs)

Change of Major/Dual Major Form

Change of Major/Dual Major Form to declare a dual major. CCB students should first meet with their department chairpersons to review the courses they will need to take in order to complete the second major. It is critical that a discussion and careful planning take place with the department chairperson take place prior to declaring a dual major. Read Change of Major Policy for more information.

Prior Approval Form

Students who are seeking approval for a course they plan to take at another college or university must submit the Prior Approval Form in advance. There are limits on the number of credits that a student can transfer to UMD. It is important that the student fill out the form completely and attach a copy of the course description to it. Only approved courses will be allowed to meet degree requirements at UMD in the College of Business. When in doubt, please discuss your situation with an Academic Advisor.

Request for Minor Form

Use the Request for Minor Form to request acceptance into a business minor. Students should visit the Minors page for specific eligibility requirements in the CCB.

Request for Class Enrollment

Normally, the professor will provide the student with a permission code that is used by the student to self-register in COIN. However, sometimes professors exhaust the number of codes that they have available. In those cases, the Request for Class Enrollment form can be used by the student to get permission from the professor to enter the class. After obtaining the signature, it should be brought to the CCB Advising Office, Room 101, for completion.

Request for Course Substitution

Use the Request for Course Substitution form to request approval to substitute a course for a required course in the student's degree plan. (This request is rarely granted and justification must accompany the form.)

Request for Directed Study-Day School

Use the Request for Directed Study-Day School form to seek approval of a directed study (this is for day students only).

Request for Independent Study-Day School

Use the Request for Independent Study-Day School form to seek approval of an independent study (this is for day students only).

Request for 3rd Attempt to take a Course

Use the 3rd Attempt Dean Permission form to seek approval to take a course for a third time.