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 Provost's Best Practice Awards

Recognition of Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Provost's Best Practice Awards were established in 2007 to recognize UMass Dartmouth faculty, librarians and staff for excellence in teaching and learning with technology.

2007 Best Practices Awards Recipients 
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2015 Provost’s Best Practices Awards for 
Innovative Teaching and Learning with Technology

CITS Instructional Development, Office of Faculty Development, The Academic Director of Online Education, and University Extension are pleased to announce the 2015 Provost’s Best Practices Awards for the recognition of excellence in teaching and learning with technology.

This year, award recipients will receive $1000, an award plaque, and their name will be displayed on the Provost’s Best Practices Award plaque in the CITS Instructional Development. Each award recipient will also present their best practice or innovative use of technology as part of a future seminar.

A $1000 award will be presented in each of the following categories:

Best Practices in a Blended Course or Fully Online Course 
This best practice award will recognize an effective strategy, technique, or tool in a blended or fully online course that enhances student learning.

Best Practices in Assessment in a Blended or Fully Online Course 
This best practice award will recognize an effective assessment strategy, technique, or tool in a blended or fully online course that improves student achievement of course learning outcomes.

Innovative Use of Technology 
This award will recognize an innovative use of technology that enhances teaching and learning in the face-to-face classroom setting or in the online course environment. Some examples of innovative technology could include but are not limited to inverting "flipping" the classroom, personal response system (clickers), multimedia presentations, simulations, gaming,  portfolios, digital learning objects, podcasts, blogs, wikis, social media and synchronous online conferencing.

Award Eligibility

All UMass Dartmouth full and part time faculty, librarians and staff are eligible to be nominated. Individuals are invited to self nominate or nominate a colleague who has demonstrated best practices/innovative use of technology. The nominee must have demonstrated the use of the innovative technology, strategy, or best practice during a period of time, usually within the last three semesters. 

Individuals may only be nominated in one category. All nominations must be submitted using the online nomination form. Only nominations received through the online nomination form will be reviewed by the committee. 

All nominations will be reviewed and judged by a committee composed of full time and part time faculty and staff who are actively engaged with technology in their teaching practices.

Nomination Procedures

  • The nomination form will require a short, descriptive essay that addresses each of the following questions. 

1. Please describe the best practice, assessment strategy, or innovative technology. (200 words or less)
2. How does the technology support your student learning outcomes? (500 words or less)
3. Please describe how the best practice, assessment strategy, or innovative technology in your course indicates improvement of student learning? (500 words or less)

View sample nominations here

  • Letters of support can be included with your nomination and should include the full name, title and email address of the person providing the recommendation. Both the nomination questions and letters of support are limited to 500 words or less. 

  • You are highly encouraged to use the Appendix area of the nomination form to include qualitative or quantitative data in support of your submission. (1500 words or less)
  • All nominations must be submitted no later than 5:00pm EST, Monday, March 9, 2015. 

Note: The nomination form DOES NOT have a "Save as You Go" feature that will allow you save and then return to complete form at another time. So, it is recommended that you have your submission prepared ahead of time to copy and paste into the form fields.

Questions should be directed to CITS Instructional Development at 508-999-8501 or idteam@umassd.edu.