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myCourses FAQ's

How do I obtain my user name and password?

If you are enrolled in a fully online course or a blended course, you will receive your login information and instruction packet via your UMassD Logon (email account). In order to access your myCourses account, your UMassD Logon (email account) must be activated. Activate your UmassD Logon account here, https://secure.umassd.edu/newstudents/

myCourses uses the same username and password as your UMassD email account, known as UMassD Logon.

Please be aware that your course will not be available until the start date of your class.

How do I login to myCourses?

Open a supported web browser and go to https://my.umassd.edu.
Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click "Login." Remember your username should be entered in all lowercase and contain no spaces.

Where do I change my password?

f you are having difficulty logging in to myCourses, you may need to change your UMassD Logon password by visiting: https://email.umassd.edu/password/

*Remember, this will change your password for both the UMass Dartmouth Logon and myCourses accounts.

If you need further assistance, please email or call 508.999.8532 or 508.999.8528.

If I am still unable to login, what should I do?

For further assistance, please email or call 508.999.8532 or 508.999.8528.

When I click on some links in my course why I don't see anything?

You most likely have a pop up blocker application enabled on your computer. Certain myCourses tools such as email, discussion and assessments will not function properly unless you have disabled your pop up blocker software. Pop up blocker software can exist in your browser toolbar or as part of your anti-virus software. For further information, please visit the Browser Tune Up.

Why do I get redirected to another website when I try to login?

If you are being redirected to another website when you try to login to myCourses, often the culprit is a spyware or adware program on your computer. We recommend that you download and install one of the following programs to check and remove unwanted spyware from your computer.

Also see Microsoft's page about Spyware and Deceptive Software.

What is Java and why do I need it?

Javascript enables the sophisticated interaction of the myCourses environment, while Java provides the rich interface that makes the learning experience more user enjoyable. If you find that you are unable to attach files to email, discussion postings, or assignments you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate java version. More java information

Why am I unable to attach files to an email message?

If you are unable to view the attachment window at all, you will need to allow pop-ups windows for myCourses. If you are able to view the attachment window but are still unable to attach a file, be sure that you have the correct java version installed on your computer. Please see the java installation page or Browser Tune Up page for further information.

Other related issues: Be sure the file you are trying to attach is closed before trying to upload or attach to an email message.

Why am I unable to download Word documents or PowerPoint files from my course?

If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, you may experience problems accessing and downloading files from myCourses. If you receive a security banner warning such as the one that appears below, click on the banner.

Screenshot of myCourses Pop-up Blocker Disable 

Select Download File from the menu.

You will be redirected to the myCourses Portal page. Click on the course title to enter your course.

Click on the file that you would like to open or download. You should now receive the following file download window prompting you to Open or Save.

  • Select Open to view the presentation or document.
  • If you would like to print out a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, you should Save the file to your computer and then open the file using the appropriate software program. 

Screenshot of Save File Prompt


Please note that each time you access myCourses and attempt to download or open a file, you will receive the security banner warning.





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