Configuring DHCP on Macintosh OS

1.Click on the Apple Menu Screenshot of Menu Configuration for MacOSX Tutorial and select the System Preferences option.

Result: the System Preferences window opens.

Screenshot of SystemPrefs Configuration for MacOSX Tutorial

2. In the System Preferences window, click the Network button.

Result: The Network window opens.

Screenshot of SystemPrefs2 Configuration for Mac OSX Tutorial

3. In the Network window that opens, ensure that the Show header at the top of the screen has Built-In Ethernet as the selected option.

4. Select the TCP/IP tab.

5. Ensure that the Configure option is set to Using DHCP. The window should look similar to the one below.

Screenshot of Network Configuration for MacOSX Tutorial

6. Press the Apply Now button and close the Network and System Preferences windows.

7. Using your web browser (such as Safari or Internet Explorer) manually navigate to and enter your account information to register.

You have successfully configured your Macintosh to use DHCP.