Configuring DHCP on Windows NT 4.0

1. From the Start menu, open the Settings and click on the Control Panel.

Result: The Control Panel window opens.

Screenshot of Windows NT Control Panel

2. Double click on the Network icon.

Result: The Network window appears.

Screenshot of Windows NT Network ID

3. Click on the Protocols tab.

Screenshot of Windows NT Network Protocols

4. Highlight TCP/IP and click Properties.

Screenshot of Windows NT TCPIP IP Address

5. Select "Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server"

6. Click on the DNS tab.

Screenshot of Windows NT TCPIPDNS

7. Make sure there isn't any information in DNS. u_juser should be changed to your UMass Dartmouth Alpha username (i.e., u_jsmith).

8. Click OK.

9. Click OK and Reboot your computer.

You have successfully configured your PC to use DHCP.