Residential Network

Help Desk: 508.999.8040

Students living on campus have the opportunity to connect to the UMass Dartmouth Residential Network. This provides a significantly faster Internet connection than those available through a traditional telephone line. Every bed in the residence halls has a port, which means that every student can have a network connection in their room. This type of connection requires the computer to be equipped with an Ethernet Adapter.

If a student desires to have a network connection in his or her room, his or her computer must meet the minimum configurations.

Click here to find out the minimum requirements for your computer.

Students needing assistance should visit the Residential Technology Support Center, or ResTech, located in the lower level of Elmwood Hall.

Once students have set up their computers correctly, they are required to register the computers on the network via a web-based registration system. Students authenticate themselves on the network using their email username and password.

Click here to see the registration instructions.

Telephone and email support are available: x8040 (ResTech Help Line).