Residential Network

What's new?

CorsairTech, formerly ResTech, is now located at Help Desk in the Learning Commons Claire T. Carney Library – 1st Floor. Students, with a valid UMass pass, can receive IT services:

  • Network connections and registration
  • Software installations and downloads
  • Virus and spyware removals
  • Access to UMassD systems and services

CorsairTech is open Mon - Thu from 10am to 9pm and Fri from 10am to 5pm.

For questions, call 508.999.8040 or email

Students living on campus may connect to the Internet via wired or wireless connection. The residence halls have been equipped with extensive wireless technology that offers complete wireless coverage in all the residential buildings. Every bed is also equipped with a wired port, which means that every student can have a wired network connection in their room. This type of connection requires the computer, game console or media streaming device to be equipped with an Ethernet Adapter.

A minimum of Windows XP or MacOS 10.7 is recommended.

Students are not allowed to setup a router (wired or wireless) for any reason. Routers cause interference with the campus network infrastructure.

Students needing assistance should visit the CorsairTech located at the help desk in the Library Learning Commons.

Once students have set up their computers correctly, they are required to register the computers on the network via a web-based registration system. Students authenticate themselves on the network using their UMassD Logon email username and password.