Residence Hall Network Connection Minimum Requirements

Students living on campus have the opportunity to connect to the UMass Dartmouth Residential Network. If a student desires to have a network connection in his or her room, his or her computer must meet the minimum configurations specified in the table below.

Once students have set up their computers correctly, they are required to register the computer on the network via a web-based registration system. Students authenticate themselves on the network using their email username and password.

Support is available from the ResTech Help Line at x8040 or via email.

Residence Halls Network Connection Minimum Requirements  

  PC Macintosh
Processor Pentium PowerPC
RAM 256Mb 256Mb
Hard Disk(free space) 500Mb 500Mb
Display at least 15" color recommended at least 15" color recommended
CD-ROM required required
Software Windows XP Mac OSX
Ethernet Card required required


CRT display sizes indicate the size of the picture tube, not the usable screen area. A typical 17" monitor will have about 15.1" diagonal viewable image size or V.I.S. LCD displays are expressed directly as V.I.S.

Suggested add-ons include an inkjet printer.