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About PrintLess

Student print allocations

The student print allocation is 400 single-sided black and white sheets per semester (fall and spring). This is double what the average student prints per semester.

A year-long analysis of student printing patterns indicates that most students will have ample ability to print their academic work within these allocations. The average student prints 200 sheets per semester.

The print allocation is managed by your UMass Pass. You'll need to swipe your UMass Pass at the print release station.

Your initial allocation of 400 sheets represents $40 "print dollars," which cannot be refunded or re-allocated to other UMass Pass accounts.

  • 400 single-sided black and white sheets per semester (fall & spring)
  • Fall allocations roll over to the spring semester
  • All allocations are cleared each spring & begin again in the fall
  • 200 single-print sheets per intersession or summer session

Forgot your UMass Pass? There is also a coin-operated option at print release stations in Learning Commons.

PrintLess locations

  • Learning Commons & Scholarly Commons in the Library
  • LARTS Commons
  • Partner labs/classrooms TEX 001 and LARTS 202 & 203

Print pricing

  • Black & white single: 10¢
  • Black & white duplex: 15¢
  • Color single: 25¢
  • Color duplex: 40¢

Color printing is available in the Library Learning Commons and LARTS Commons.

Print management

Each student will use his or her UMass Pass to manage print allocations and will be able to load additional funds to the UMass Pass for printing needs beyond the allocations.

Maximize your print allocation (and save paper) by selecting duplex printing whenever possible. Instead of paying 20 cents for two single-printed black and white sheets, you will get two pages printed on a single sheet for 15 cents.

Suggestion: Check with your professor before handing in a printed assignment that is duplexed.

More printing tips

Printing beyond your allocation

If you need additional printing capacity beyond the allocation, you can deposit additional print funds to your UMass Pass at:

  • UMass Pass online: you can add additional funds in increments of $25
  • UMass Pass office: you can add additional funds with a minimum of $1 in cash or $25 via credit card

During the academic year, the UMass Pass office is typically open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

If you need to add more funds for printing, they will be loaded to the UMDollars account (and can be re-allocated for purposes other than printing). Funds for printing will always come out of your print allocation first.

The print release stations indicate your total UMass Pass funds: the balance shown is a combination of your UMass Pass general fund plus your print allocation for the semester or session. To check your specific print allocation balance, visit UMass Pass online.

Remember: Fall allocations roll over to the spring semester. All allocations are cleared each spring and begin again in the fall. There is an allocation of 200 single-sided sheets for intersession or summer session.

Printing in a hurry? There's also a coin-operated option at print release stations in the Learning Commons.

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