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 Printing: faculty and visitors

PrintLessPrintLess establishes allocations for printing at:

  • The Learning Commons - Library first floor
  • The Scholarly Commons - Library second floor
  • Liberal Arts Lounge
  • Library 225 & 226
  • Partner labs/classrooms TEX 001 and LARTS 202 & 203  

Faculty printing

Most faculty have college and departmental printers at their disposal. However, as we introduce PrintLess, each faculty member will also receive a complimentary print allocation of 100 sheets for times when you need to print at the Learning Commons or one of the other lab/classrooms locations noted above.

The print release stations require a UMass Pass. If you do not have a UMass Pass, you can obtain one at the UMass Pass office (first floor of the campus center) during regular business hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. There is no cost for the first UMass Pass; there is, however, a $25 fee to replace a lost UMass Pass.There is also a coin-operated print-release station in the Learning Commons.


  • Black & white single: 10¢
  • Black & white duplex: 15¢

Printing tips

Visitor printing

Visitors to the Claire T. Carney may print at the Learning Commons using the coin-operated print release station. The print release station accepts coins as well as $1 and $5 bills (no larger denominations), and will make the appropriate change. (Staff are not able to make change.)


  • Black & white single: 10¢
  • Black & white duplex: 15¢

Printing tips

More information

Please send your suggestions and comments to: PrintLess@umassd.edu

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