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Students are not allowed to setup a router (wired or wireless) for any reason. Routers cause interference with the campus network infrastructure.

Wireless at UMass Dartmouth

The university has deployed a wireless network that allows faculty, staff and students to connect to the Internet and other campus services in many areas on the main campus. This includes all multimedia classrooms, study areas, cafeterias, the entire Library, CVPA and CCB buildings, as well as the Residence Halls. For more information click on the links below.

In order to connect to the campus secure wireless network (eduroam), the wireless device must support X-Authentication (IEEE 802.1x). Most smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. support this technology.

Some devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and some televisions do not support X-Authentication. Check the device manufacturer's web page for specifications. If your streaming or gaming device is not 802.1x capable but does have an Ethernet port, you can still connect it to the network by plugging it in to the Ethernet port in your room and registering it.

Wi-Fi Calling is available! Many smartphones and cell carriers now support Wi-Fi calling which utilizes wireless connectivity to make calls when cell service in limited or not available.


Two wireless networks: Eduroam and Guest

UMass Dartmouth has two wireless networks: Eduroam and Guest. They are used by different groups of people.


Eduroam is a global academic wireless network. UMass Dartmouth students, faculty and staff can use their UMassD Logon credentials to use the eduroam network on campus, and when visiting other academic institutions. With hundreds of thousands of wireless access-points, eduroam acts as one large, secure, world-wide, wireless hotspot that you can access with your UMass Dartmouth username and password.

Participating eduroam institutions offer access to faculty, staff, students and affiliates who participate in conferences or collaborative work, studying abroad, NCAA activities, regional academic exchange, and more. For a list of all eduroam affiliated sites, please visit

Note that you must use your full email address in the Username field when accessing the Eduroam network.


The Guest wireless network is used by visitors to campus. It does not provide a secure connection, so it cannot be used to access campus email, the myUMassD portal, and most administrative systems.


More information: how to connect your mobile device to the Eduroam Network


Computing Policy

Before you move on, please familiarize yourself with UMass Dartmouth's computing policies. As a user of our network and computer systems, you are responsible for complying with these policies.