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 Student Quotes



"College Now has played an important role in my life because first of all, it began my college career, and through the skills I learned from Becoming a Master Student.  I have been able to adjust them into most of my classes."–William Amanortey


"A little bit of knowledge goes a long way‟ Malcolm Gladwell, College is important to me because I have the chance to further my education and to make my family proud. College Now is preparing me towards that goal."Jose Junior


"College Now made sure I didn't make the same mistakes that I had made in high school." Michael Creese


"College Now is important to me because it became a part of my family. Also, I had all the help that I needed to succeed in College Now. I am very thankful for each one of you guys who helped me to succeed this semester."-Aurizanda Correia


"College Now has given me a chance to go to college. They have given me a chance to prove to my family that I am very college worthy. Being in college is very important.  Without college, making money would be very hard and difficult in the future, I thank College Now very much."-Sergio Sousa