2010 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Acheson Katherine Ann Professional Writing  
Aydin Ziya Chemistry  
Ayer Elizabeth D. Professional Writing  
Beaudoin Nicole Louise Professional Writing  
Bradley Lori Kay Professional Writing  
Bathgate Meghan Elizabeth Psychology - General  
Connors Jill Mary Professional Writing  
Cox Angela M. Biology  
Daley Peter Brian Professional Writing  
Dao Christine Anh Chemistry  
Dixon Craig Perry Professional Writing  
Duffy William J. Biology  
Durand Jacqueline Elizabeth Psychology - Clinical  
Fernandes Caroline Aileen Psychology - Clinical  
Fifield Ann Willard Professional Writing  
Furman Marina Psychology - Clinical  
Giffin Samantha Anne Professional Writing  
Goltermann Patricia Marie Psychology - Clinical  
Gontijo Viviane Portuguese Studies  
Hughes Kevin Timothy Psychology - Clinical  
Ibanhez Maristela Mendes Portuguese Studies  
Ilhan Hasan Chemistry  
Kinsey Jennifer Katherine Ann Marine Biology  
Kumar Raj Chemistry  
Kumbam Venkatreddy Chemistry  
Leal Colleen Emma Psychology - Clinical  
Lee Alexander F. Portuguese Studies  
Legg Benjamin William Portuguese Studies  
Liu Zhiwei Chemistry  
Madore Maren Professional Writing  
May Erin Kate Psychology - Clinical  
McLaughlin Paul Michael Marine Biology  
Medeiros Angela M. Psychology - Clinical  
Morse Michael Chemistry  
Olubanwo Olusegun B.    
Patel Kruti Pushpam Chemistry  
Patel Kunal Dinesh Chemistry  
Patterson James Clifton Marine Biology  
Pimentel Carla Psychology - Clinical  
Pires Sonia G. Portuguese Studies  
Rapoza Pamela L. Biology  
Rego Alissa A. Psychology - Clinical  
Rowe Leah Ann Psychology - Clinical  
Schemer Daniel Professional Writing  
Shafer Andrea Taylor Psychology - General  
Shah Ankit Vimalkumar Chemistry  
Silva Tammy Lynne Marine Biology  
Sousa Grace Marie Psychology - Clinical  
Tannous Abla Chemistry  
Viera Marc D. Psychology - Clinical  
Wang Chengjun    
Wei Yibin Chemistry  
Wei Zi Chemistry  
Wolcott Wayne F. (Jr.) Psychology - Clinical  
Yang Yang Chemistry  
Zhang Yi Chemistry  

PLEASE NOTE: Not all graduating students are listed on the commencement website. We respect the student's request for privacy. It is the student's choice to have the name listed on the commencement website and in other public media. We list only students who applied and who are approved to participate in the 2010 commencement.