2010 College of Engineering Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Acker Leo V. Computer Engineering  
Adjepong Casca Ofori Physics  
Agrawal Anshul Textile Technology  
Ala Okan Textile Technology  
Amatrudo Meghan Kathleen Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Bagrodia Princy Computer Engineering  
Bankade Prajyot Ruprao Computer Science  
Basnet Pradip Physics  
Bates Christopher Kenneth Computer Science  
Bhalodia Siddhartha Kishore Computer Science  
Bhaskaran Kavitha Computer Science  
Bhat Shwetha Suresh Electrical Engineering  
Bhutra Abhinav Electrical Engineering  
Blom Cornelis I.J. Electrical Engineering  
Boyapally Vamshidhar Reddy Computer Engineering  
Burke Joseph William Electrical Engineering  
Charbonneau Neal Computer Science  
Chawla Harmeet Kaur Computer Science  
Kashiappa Aditya Chiriyapanda Electrical Engineering  
Colón Héctor O. Mechanical Engineering  
Costa John V. Mechanical Engineering  
Coyne Robert Reid Physics  
Dahodwala Rukaiya Aliasgar Computer Engineering  
Davidson Curtis James Computer Science  
DeMedeiros Kyle David Computer Science  
Dhanjal Amandeep Singh Computer Science  
Dhawan Akankshu Computer Science  
Dhingra Kartik Computer Engineering  
Divi Kalyani Computer Engineering  
Feng Yani Textile Technology  
Ford Benjamin J. Computer Science  
Gagnon Matthew Paul Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Gandla Prashanth Kumar Computer Engineering  
Ganti Mani Sekhar Computer Science  
Garigipati Tejaswi Mechanical Engineering  
Gilbert Keith David Electrical Engineering  
Ginjupalli Rakesh Physics  
Goel Ankit Arun Computer Science  
Gupta Gaurav Computer Engineering  
Haggag Mohamed Monir Mohamed Said Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Holmes Eric Matthew Physics  
Hu Bin Textile Technology  
Jain Vani Computer Science  
Jenne Justin L. Mechanical Engineering  
Jreige Sami Wafa Electrical Engineering  
Kaile Arun Prabhakar Mechanical Engineering  
Kanjee Mohammed Raza Computer Engineering  
Kankaliya Rohit Pravin Textile Technology  
Kappa Akshatha Computer Engineering  
Kaushik Anirudh Mechanical Engineering  
Kenney Jonathan Alexander Mechanical Engineering  
Khisty Uday Arun Computer Science  
Kim SungHoon Physics  
Konanki Pratyusha Computer Engineering  
Konda Bharath Reddy Mechanical Engineering  
Kotowski Peter J. Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Kovelamudi Vamsee Krishna Computer Engineering  
Kuzhuppallil Jerry George James Computer Science  
Lakkaraju Naga Kameswara Kousik Computer Science  
Lee Benjamin William Electrical Engineering  
Londhe Nachiket Manohar Computer Science  
Magalhaes Jeffrey R. Electrical Engineering  
Maithani Gaurav Computer Engineering  
Malladi Mythili Computer Engineering  
Martinsen Christopher A. Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Nagle Ian Andrew Wallack Physics  
Padamati Sashank Mechanical Engineering  
Pandit Arka Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Patel Sagar Girish Textile Chemistry  
Patel Sameer Ashokkumar Computer Science  
Poudel Sashi Dhar Physics  
Powell Makia Computer Engineering  
Ranawat Arjun Singh Mechanical Engineering  
R.C. Rajesh Bikram Computer Science  
Rode Spencer Herbert (IV) Mechanical Engineering  
Sarangapurkar Raghavendra Computer Science  
Savaria Daniel Thomas Computer Science  
Savery Nicholas Theron Computer Engineering  
Saxena Tarun Computer Engineering  
Shah Kanhai G. Computer Science  
Sharma Nabin Sagar Electrical Engineering  
Shrestha Rojan Electrical Engineering  
Sikora Aaron M. Electrical Engineering  
Singh Saban Computer Science  
Singh Anshul Kumar Mechanical Engineering  
Anusha Somu Naga Vasavi Computer Science  
Srivathsavai Ramesh Mechanical Engineering  
Pierre Joseph Daniel St. Computer Engineering  
Sullivan Julie Lynn Computer Science  
Sunkara Anusha Computer Engineering  
Suryadevara Suchil Kumar Mechanical Engineering  
Talasila Ramya Durga Computer Science  
Tannous Ola Electrical Engineering  
Tao Tin Kei Computer Science  
Tuteja Sumit Mechanical Engineering  
Unawalla Sarfaraz Haroon Computer Science  
Vadlamani Venkat Kalyan Mechanical Engineering  
Vaishampayan Abhishek Electrical Engineering  
Venkatesh Gurudutt Mechanical Engineering  
Wanasekara Nandula Dasitha Textile Technology  
Wang Renyuan Electrical Engineering  
Wang Jiping Physics  
Zhu Xiaoli Electrical Engineering  

PLEASE NOTE: Not all graduating students are listed on the commencement website. We respect the student's request for privacy. It is the student's choice to have the name listed on the commencement website and in other public media. We list only students who applied and who are approved to participate in the 2010 commencement.