2010 College of Visual & Performing Arts Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Anderson Landon Michael Artisanry - Ceramics  
Antonuzzo, John Rosario (Jr.) Art Education  
Casselman Juliette Germaine Art Education  
Dodge Michael Gerard Art Education  
Geanta Iulia Anca Artisanry - Fibers  
Gomez Debora Berenice Fine Arts - Painting  
Keough Bridget M. Visual Design -Digital Multimedia  
Leon Angelique Michelle Art Education  
Malinowski Nicholas Victor Fine Arts - Painting  
Maxwell Mark Carl Visual Design - Typography  
Meehan Stephen B. Art Education  
Moore Andrea Gail Art Education  
Mullins Megan Leigh Artisanry - Ceramics  
Nelson Aaron Edward Artisanry - Metals/Jewelry  
Overes Erwin Artisanry Wood/Furniture Option  
Popinchalk Helen Anna Fine Arts - Printmaking  
Powers Abbie Rae Fine Arts - Sculpture  
Randall Allison K. Artisanry - Ceramics  
Riley Danielle C. Art Education  
Ring Vanessa Passaro Art Education  
Rusen Bethany Rose Artisanry - Ceramics  
Sampl Gregory Art Education  
Shields Thomas M. Artisanry Wood/Furniture Option  
Snyder Karen E. Art Education  
Stevens Jodi Louise Artisanry - Fibers  
Hall Rebecca T. Art Education  
Thurber Valery Emma Fine Arts - Painting  
Hoffmann Erick von Fine Arts - Painting  
Wetherell Mallory Anne Artisanry - Ceramics  

PLEASE NOTE: Not all graduating students are listed on the commencement website. We respect the student's request for privacy. It is the student's choice to have the name listed on the commencement website and in other public media. We list only students who applied and who are approved to participate in the 2010 commencement.