2010 College of Engineering Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Alfonse Michael John Computer Engineering  
Allen Colleen M. Physics Summa Cum Laude
Anifowose Israel I. Electrical Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Antoine O'Mara Civil Engineering  
Arruda Kyle Jordan Electrical Engineering  
Astle Richard Edward Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Avila Daniel James Computer Science Magna Cum Laude
Bach Matthew R. Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Balkus, Peter Michael (Jr.) Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Ball Robert Kent Computer Science  
Beaudoin Philip Griffin Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Beaulieu Christopher John Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Blair Kevin Brian Computer Engineering  
Bombardier David M. Electrical Engineering  
Boucher Christopher J. Electrical Engineering  
Brasseur Kayla Marie Computer Engineering  
Brigham William Frank Computer Engineering  
Brodeur Michael R. Mechanical Engineering  
Brown Andrew Lee Mechanical Engineering  
Burke Patrick James Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Burrows Kasey Elizabeth Computer Science Cum Laude
Butterfield Nathaniel Delano Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Butters Robert A. Mechanical Engineering  
Cabral Melissa A. Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Campea Vanessa Marie Civil Engineering  
Cartin Sean Thomas Electrical Engineering  
Chamberlain Carter William Physics Magna Cum Laude
Chaves Kevin M. Computer Engineering  
Chrupcala Nikki Ann Textile Science  
Cilluffo Anthony J. Mechanical Engineering  
Cole Brenton James Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Conner Kyle B. Mechanical Engineering  
Coopee Jeffrey Ryan Electrical Engineering  
Cormier Kevin J. Computer Science  
Costa Ashley Lorraine Civil Engineering  
Coughlin Roger Joseph Materials - Materials and Biomaterials Engineering  
Couto Michael Albert Mechanical Engineering  
Crockett Eric William Civil Engineering  
Croteau Jeffrey Raymond Mechanical Engineering  
Daigle Justin Thomas Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Daly Michael E. Electrical Engineering  
Silva Antonio Duarte da Mechanical Engineering  
Day Erin N. Mechanical Engineering  
Denette Alexander J. Mechanical Engineering  
Dexter Jason Robert Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Diogo Ryan Civil Engineering  
DiPietro Michael A. Textile Science  
Donnelly Tarek John Mechanical Engineering  
Donoughe Matthew Paul Computer Science Magna Cum Laude
DuPont Justin A. Mechanical Engineering  
Elsner Michael Steven Electrical Engineering  
Facchini Michael Anthony Computer Science Summa Cum Laude
Fernandes Jeffrey Miller Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Flocco Briana M. Mechanical Engineering  
Fowlks Wesley Ian Computer Science  
Frazier Greg J. Civil Engineering  
Gagner Jeffrey D. Civil Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Gagnon Peter James Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Gandolfi Chad Hunter Electrical Engineering  
Gay Dara Elyssa Civil Engineering  
Gayed Bahaa Samir Mechanical Engineering Magna Cum Laude
George Lawrence A. (III) Mechanical Engineering  
Gillen Jonathan H. Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Gionfriddo Joshua Adem Civil Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Gogoi Dipankar Computer Engineering Cum Laude
Gonsalves Matthew S. Computer Engineering  
Gordon Adam J. Mechanical Engineering  
Grauman Joshua Azariah Computer Engineering Cum Laude
Greaves Michael T. Electrical Engineering  
Grilo Carl Anthony Electrical Engineering  
Grime, Thomas L. (III) Electrical Engineering  
Guillotte Ronald C. (Jr.) Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Guiney Matthew Francis Civil Engineering  
Hassett Michael Andrew Civil Engineering  
Hassoun Wassim Mechanical Engineering  
Hickey Jonathan P. Electrical Engineering  
Hildreth Stephen James Civil Engineering  
Hulse Phillip Bradford Electrical Engineering  
Igoe Christopher Loren Computer Science  
Jean Sondy Mechanical Engineering  
Kelly Timothy Patrick Mechanical Engineering  
Kurra Nathan Alan Electrical Engineering  
Lacerda Michael A. Civil Engineering  
Lake Christopher D. Mechanical Engineering  
Langevin, Richard L. (Jr.) Mechanical Engineering  
Lee Kevin William Mechanical Engineering  
Lemanski Matthew Donald Computer Science Cum Laude
Lenzuolo Michael Joseph Electrical Engineering Cum Laude
Lillie Giselle Lynne Computer Science Summa Cum Laude
Lovely Jamison L. Computer Science  
Lowe Matthew J. Computer Engineering  
Lyons Stuart J. Civil Engineering  
Lyte Emmanuel L. Electrical Engineering  
Magee Erin L. Civil Engineering  
Manzone Eugene Anthony Mechanical Engineering  
Marmaras Brett Simon Physics Summa Cum Laude
Mason William A. (Jr.) Computer Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Matheson Neil I. Computer Science  
McHale Jonathan Patrick Mechanical Engineering  
Medeiros Kory P. Civil Engineering  
Medeiros Alyssa Marie Materials - Materials and Biomaterials Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Moberg Benjamin C. Mechanical Engineering  
Montelo Cody Jacob - Roland Materials - Materials and Biomaterials Engineering  
Muller Jason A. Civil Engineering  
Napolitano Kurt Computer Science  
O'Connor Scott David Computer Science Cum Laude
Odufuye Zainab Abiola Oluwabunmi Mechanical Engineering  
Oliveira Matthew Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
O'Meara Scott Thomas Electrical Engineering Cum Laude
Pandolfi Michael C. Computer Science  
Parker Paige Andrew Civil Engineering  
Patel Anup K. Materials - Materials Technology  
Paulson Jeffrey D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering  
Pelletier Jason K. Mechanical Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Pepin Matthew Civil Engineering  
Phillips Mark A. Mechanical Engineering  
Picardo Marc P. Mechanical Engineering  
Piccirilli Joseph J. Civil Engineering  
Pierre-Louis Michel Civil Engineering  
Pimentel Matthew A. Computer Engineering  
Piscani Francesco A. Materials - Materials and Biomaterials Engineering  
Pitts Nicole Computer Science Cum Laude
Preston Bradley Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Rabinovich Pavel A. Computer Science  
Richards Timothy Robert Electrical Engineering  
Rijo Michael D. Electrical Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Rodriguez Andrew Paul Civil Engineering  
Sameja Irfaan M. Electrical Engineering  
Sann Chhoeun Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering  
Scott Matthew B. Mechanical Engineering  
Shom Nicholas Mark Civil Engineering  
Silva Kevin J. Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Simpson Ross Michael Electrical Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Sleep Corey Francis Physics  
Spadaro Daniel J. Civil Engineering  
Sparrow Andrew L. Mechanical Engineering  
Starr Joshua Prince Civil Engineering  
Laurent Nicholas Henry St. Computer Science  
Swanton Timothy James Civil Engineering  
Swirbalus Matthew Robert Mechanical Engineering  
Tannous Azzam N. Electrical Engineering  
Tardy Jared Adam Electrical Engineering Cum Laude
Tayeh, Emile C. (Jr.) Civil Engineering  
Therrien Alanna M. Materials - Materials Technology Cum Laude
Tirrell Ethan Pierce Civil Engineering  
Tomkins, Richard Keith (Jr.) Civil Engineering  
Trapp Nathan Andrew Computer Engineering  
Travassos Joshua Paul Mechanical Engineering  
Trowbridge Erik William Civil Engineering  
Turk Bennett Thorton Civil Engineering Cum Laude
Turner William Richard Computer Engineering  
Valkovski Pres P. Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
VanDenBerghe Christopher James Civil Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Viall Benjamin Roy Computer Engineering  
Webster Brenton Alan Mechanical Engineering  
Willis George P. Civil Engineering  
Wingate Eric T. Computer Engineering  
Woiszwillo Seth Edmund Electrical Engineering  
Yao Justin Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering  

PLEASE NOTE: Not all graduating students are listed on the commencement website. We respect the student's request for privacy. It is the student's choice to have the name listed on the commencement website and in other public media. We list only students who applied and who are approved to participate in the 2010 commencement.