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2010 College of Nursing Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Abreau Paige M. Nursing Cum Laude
Aguiar Kristie M. Nursing Cum Laude
Alberti Emily Anne Nursing Cum Laude
Alcorn Ashley Brandon Nursing  
Alfred Samantha Lynn Nursing  
Aloisio Lauren Frances Nursing Cum Laude
Anderson Chelsea S. Nursing  
Asencio-Costa Corrie Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Austin Samantha Leigh Nursing Cum Laude
Bacon Amy Nursing  
Barboza Erica Lynn Nursing Cum Laude
Bard Lance Jonathan Nursing Cum Laude
Berube Jocelyn Claire Nursing Cum Laude
Bilis Jacqueline L. Nursing  
Blair Aidan Elise Nursing  
Blais Marissa Lynn Nursing Cum Laude
Boehm Kelly Ann Nursing Cum Laude
Bonatti Michaela Gina Nursing  
Boutin Meagan A. Nursing  
Bradley Courtney Elizabeth Nursing Cum Laude
Brady Phylicia M. Nursing Cum Laude
Cabucio Laura Faith Nursing Cum Laude
Campanale Annmarie N. Nursing Cum Laude
Carvalho Allison M. Nursing  
Case Alexandra Lashley Nursing  
Channell Kelly Nursing Cum Laude
Ciesielski Edward Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Cina Jaclyn Ann Nursing  
Clark Samantha J. Nursing  
Clement Julianne Lynn Nursing Cum Laude
Clifford Matthew Joel Nursing Cum Laude
Cormier Heather Christine Nursing  
Couto Valerie A. Nursing  
Daigle Lindsay Marie Nursing  
Dasilva Michelle B. Nursing Cum Laude
DeBortoli Deborah Ann Nursing Cum Laude
DeMelo Nicole Nursing Magna Cum Laude
DePalo Melissa K. Nursing  
DeSousa Stephanie Anne Nursing Cum Laude
DiBattista Amanda L. Nursing  
Virgilio Kimberly Anne Collette Di Nursing  
Elliott Emily D. Nursing  
Fitzgerald Meaghan Rose Nursing  
Freitas Tori Lee Nursing Summa Cum Laude
Gallant Lauren Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Gamache Courtlyn Elizabeth Nursing  
Gamez Samantha Jeanne Nursing Cum Laude
Garber Victoria Gillian Nursing  
Gauthier Gail Y. Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Gavigan Stephen Nursing  
Germain Kaitlyn R. Nursing  
Germaine Ashley A. Nursing  
Gonsalves Renee Marie Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Goulet Laura Rae Nursing Cum Laude
Greenwood Lauren Melissa Nursing Summa Cum Laude
Gremila Tiana Lynne Nursing  
Grimbilas Brittany Marie Nursing Cum Laude
Handrahan Zach Thomas Nursing  
Hatzpanian Margaret A. Nursing  
Heichelbech Erin Marie Nursing  
Hill Ashton Elizabeth Nursing Cum Laude
Horne Jennifer L. L. Nursing  
Houde Ashton A. Nursing  
Huska Stephanie J. Nursing  
Hyland Julie Anne Nursing  
Johansen Erika K. Nursing  
Juliano Lisa M. Nursing Cum Laude
Kelleher Daniel R. Nursing Cum Laude
Kelly Kristen Sarah Nursing  
Kelly Robert Kershaw Nursing Cum Laude
Kramer Sarah A. Nursing  
Lahey Nikita C. Nursing  
Lavadinho Maria de Fatima Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Lester Kimberly Lynn Nursing  
Lourenco Talitha Noia Nursing Cum Laude
Majidi Ashley Tuba Nursing Cum Laude
Malboeuf Kayla Ann Nursing  
Mann Courtney A. Nursing  
Marshall Robin Marie Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Martin Sarah Caitlin Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Martineau Tessa E. Nursing  
Mcmahon Susan W. Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Medeiros Lindsay A. Nursing  
Motta Stephanie L. Nursing  
Moynihan Alanna Irene Nursing  
Murphy Danielle Nursing  
Murphy Erin Elizabeth Nursing  
Nelson Danielle Ashley Nursing  
Norris Shannon H. Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Notturno Brittany Lorraine Nursing  
Nunzio Michelle E. Nursing  
Oliveira João Manuel Nursing  
Paquette Laurie Marie Nursing Cum Laude
Paquette Julie Marie Nursing Cum Laude
Parrott Tawny L. Nursing  
Pine Stephanie L. Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Pinho-Caton Claudia Nursing Cum Laude
Plugge Samantha Leigh Nursing  
Porter Jessica Lynn Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Proulx Jason P. Nursing Cum Laude
Prudden Kristen M. Nursing  
Rizza Lisa J. Nursing Summa Cum Laude
Robert Alan Joseph Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Robertson Laura Ann Nursing  
Rossi Lauren Elizabeth Nursing  
Savoy Alexandra Christine Nursing  
Slack Sarah Patricia Nursing  
Slattery Eryn Marie Nursing  
Smith Rachel Anne Nursing  
Smith Megan A. Nursing Cum Laude
Soares Tiana L. Nursing  
Soares Sarita Nursing  
Speranza Taylor Nursing Cum Laude
Steele Elizabeth Nicole Nursing Cum Laude
Pierre Katie Elizabeth St. Nursing  
Swift Dennis G Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Tavares Lucy Nursing Cum Laude
Tereau Marie Shelda Nursing Cum Laude
Theriault Stephanie M. Nursing  
Thistle Laura M. Nursing  
Trearchis Allison M. Nursing Cum Laude
Urban Cory S. Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Vest-Parris Monica A. Nursing Summa Cum Laude
Villa Ashley Megan Nursing Cum Laude
Viveiros Melanie Anne Nursing Magna Cum Laude
Walker Tracey Lynne Nursing Cum Laude
Whalen Maura Eileen Nursing  
Willemain Jonathan Gary Nursing  
Williams Barbara R. Nursing Summa Cum Laude
Yazinka Michelle Marie Nursing  
Yumasi Lindaline Nursing  
Zwillinger Alicia Ann Nursing  

PLEASE NOTE: Not all graduating students are listed on the commencement website. We respect the student's request for privacy. It is the student's choice to have the name listed on the commencement website and in other public media. We list only students who applied and who are approved to participate in the 2010 commencement.