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2011 College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Aghjayan Christopher Armen Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Apicerno Jill Elizabeth Psychology - Clinical  
Apodaca Danielle Lynn Gutierrez Psychology - General  
Aurora Jodi L. Psychology - Clinical  
Bannister Micah David Psychology - Clinical  
Barrett Diana Theresa Marine Biology  
Bathgate Meghan Elizabeth Psychology - General  
Bileau Michaela Kate Psychology - Clinical  
Borland Allison Marie Psychology - General  
Bryant Anne-Marie Chemistry  
Cambra Kris Lynn Professional Writing  
Cannon Nicole Jean Professional Writing  
Carpenter Jessica Lynn Chemistry  
Castro Vanessa Lopes Psychology - General  
Chou Lien-Yang Chemistry  
Connors Jill Mary Professional Writing  
Costa Gregory Russell Biology  
Couto Ashley Marie Psychology - General  
Amaral Irene de Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies and Theory  
Doran Jonathan A. Chemistry  
DuBois Bryce Beal Psychology - General  
Feltrup Thomas M. Chemistry  
Figueiredo Cecilia Amaral Portuguese Studies  
Frogley Nicholas Laurent Psychology - General  
Frost Orin T. Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Gadbois Emily Aurora Psychology - General  
Gisburne Teresa Joyce Marine Biology  
Glaude Kristal Lynn Psychology - Clinical  
Gleason Patrick T. Professional Writing  
Goossens Janet L. Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Gordon Leamarie Theresa Psychology - General  
Harris Tiffany Nicole Psychology - Clinical  
Highley Retha A. Professional Writing  
Himmighoefer Matthew F. Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Howarth Megan Lea Psychology - Clinical  
Ilhan Hasan Chemistry  
Kieva Katherine M. Professional Writing  
Kumbam Venkatreddy Chemistry  
Legg Benjamin William Portuguese Studies  
Liu Zhiwei Chemistry  
Lopes Tiffany B. Psychology - Clinical  
Ludwig Charlotte Ann Psychology - Clinical  
Malone Sara K. Psychology - Clinical  
Marean Pamela Dinsmore Professional Writing  
Marshall Eric Allen Professional Writing  
McGrail Shonna Marie Professional Writing  
McMahon Laura Paulin Professional Writing  
Moreira Andrea Fernandes Biology  
Newport Katherine Young Professional Writing  
Nicely Amanda C. Psychology - Clinical  
Patel Kunal Dinesh Chemistry  
Pavlik Melissa Renee Chemistry  
Pires Sonia G. Portuguese Studies  
Ragusa Eric M. Psychology - General  
Ramos Orlando Vieira Portuguese Studies  
Rego Alissa A. Psychology - Clinical  
Rogers Cristal Marie Psychology - Clinical  
Rojas-Lemon Laura T. Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Shah Ankit Vimalkumar Chemistry  
Silvia Susan G. Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis  
Sirois John Joseph Chemistry  
Speer Megan Elizabeth Psychology - General  
Stomski Sonya Irene Psychology - General  
Yang Yang Chemistry  
Yiantsidis Eleni Chemistry  
Zeitz Marsha Professional Writing  
Zhang Yi Chemistry