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 2012 College of Engineering Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Amfo-Otu Wisdom Electrical Engineering  
Blair Bryan Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Boddie Mark Patrick Computer Science  
Cai Jinlin Textile Chemistry  
Caldwell Stephen Andrew Electrical Engineering  
Chandran Sandhya Computer Science  
DaSilva Patrick Raposo Computer Engineering  
DeSousa Michael Doro Physics  
Ekholm Alexander Kalevi Computer Engineering  
Ekstrand Frederick A. (Jr) Computer Science  
Lazkani Elia El Computer Engineering  
Fernandes Flavio Goncalves Electrical Engineering  
Ferreira Michael Thomas Computer Engineering  
Ghasemi Amirmahdi Mechanical Engineering  
Gosavi Mrinal Vivek Computer Science  
Guillotte Ronald C. (Jr) Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Hague David A. Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering  
Han Yabo Physics  
Hayek Elias Computer Engineering  
Jalali Niloofar Mechanical Engineering  
Ji Suoqing Physics  
Jin Shilei Electrical Engineering  
Lad Ameya Milind Computer Science  
Lafleur John Edmond Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology  
Lake Christopher David Mechanical Engineering  
Lee Benjamin William Electrical Engineering  
Li Arturo Weichuan Computer Science  
Lowe Matthew J Computer Engineering  
Ma Ruiping Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering Option  
Gargari Mohammadreza Moharrami Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Gharehtapeh Ali Moradi Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Nair Preeti Computer Science  
Murthy Santhosh Narasimha Computer Engineering  
Neale Mark Robert Computer Science  
Ningagalla Vinay Kumar Mechanical Engineering  
Olson Jacob S. Computer Engineering  
Pullamsetty Vijaya Venkataram Electrical Engineering  
Rahme Jean F. Computer Science  
Rajput Shaktisingh Digambar Ujwala Computer Science  
Rana Rajendrasinh Computer Science  
Ranjan Shivesh Electrical Engineering  
Regis Shawn Michael Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology  
Rego Katherine Anne Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology  
Salvucci Michael V. Mechanical Engineering  
Sarangapani Sairajan Electrical Engineering  
Shannon Stephen Paul Computer Engineering  
Spirito John Allen Computer Engineering  
Turk Bennett Thorton Mechanical Engineering  
Uluturk Ihsan Textile Technology  
Valadares Edson Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Wei Ran Computer Science  
Xu Yang Computer Science  
Yu Hsin-Yu, Electrical Engineering  
Zhang Tianzuo Textile Chemistry