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2012 School of Law Graduate Degree Recipients

Last NameFirst NameMajorHonors
Adenaike Samuel Olugbemiga Law  
Azmat Naveed Law  
Barry Michelle A. Law  
Briggs Jacquelyn Elizabeth Law  
Brown Stephen Samuel Law  
Brown Kevin O. Law  
Bullard Kaitlyn Law  
Buonocore Michael Thomas Law  
Butz Brett J. Law  
Choquette Leo E. (Jr) Law  
Davis Leah R. Law  
Nguyen Diep T. Law  
Feinberg Matthew H. Law  
Gould Mark S. (Jr.) Law  
Guilderson Shawn Joseph Law  
Hockwater Kristin Marie Law  
Karras Echo Kelley Law  
Kiani Layla Law  
Kim Sophia JiHae Law  
Komack Marissa A. Law  
Kopp Natalie A. Law  
Leahey Katie Lynn Law  
Martin Jessica M. Law  
McCuish Michaela Law  
Metter Andrew Philip Law  
Minuto Jennifer Anne Law  
Morris Karyn A. Law  
Murgia Courtney Taylor Law  
Nese Natasha Law  
Newlon Jamie L. Law  
Parent Kristen Mary Law  
Pena Sheena Law  
Rapier Rome Andre Law  
Romney Jane Benton Law  
Shuman Amanda J. Law  
Sibley Andrew J. Law  
Smith Alexander J. Law  
Sousa Matthew J. Law  
Spellman Kristen G. Law  
Stone Jessica Mary Law  
Tucciarone Kathleen A. Law  
Veale Christopher Charles Law  
Walker Jesse Collin Law  
Walsh Terry A. Law  





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