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College of Engineering Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Last Name First Name Major
Almeron Jason Chu Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Andrade Kyle Jeffrey Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Baillargeon David Francis Mechanical Engineering
Barber Matthew Ross Mechanical Engineering
Bates Matthew Paul Mechanical Engineering
Belanger Brian David Mechanical Engineering
Benoit Samuel G. Mechanical Engineering
Bernier Lynsey Marie Mechanical Engineering
Bettencourt Marco Joseph Computer Engineering
Bolton Lauren Nicole Mechanical Engineering
Boucher Eric Paul Electrical Engineering
Boustany Charles Pierre Electrical Engineering
Bouvier Joseph Barrett Computer Science
Bravetti Brandon Nicholas Electrical Engineering
Buck Kate Marie Mechanical Engineering
Buckley Stephen J. Computer Engineering
Burt Seth Alan Physics
Campbell Olivia A Physics
Carey Christian R. Mechanical Engineering
Clavijo Evan Manuel Mechanical Engineering
Cochrane Alison Anne Civil Engineering
Comeau Charles P. Civil Engineering
Cordasco John Civil Engineering
Coughlin Matthew A. Electrical Engineering
Cristino Jonathan G Mechanical Engineering
Cross Nathan Marshall Electrical Engineering
Cueroni Joseph A Civil Engineering
Day Corey T Mechanical Engineering
Deluca Benjamin A. Civil Engineering
Demers Ryan Mechanical Engineering
DeNardo Salvatore Mechanical Engineering
Deschamps Chad R. Computer Engineering
Deus Rodnel Computer Engineering
Diaz Monica W Mechanical Engineering
Dion Brandon C Civil Engineering
Dodge Merrill Christopher Mechanical Engineering
Dorfeuille Malcolm Computer Science
Douglas Ross Paul Mechanical Engineering
Dugas Brennan Electrical Engineering
Dutra Megan Salvador Civil Engineering
Elamir Luai M. Electrical Engineering
Ellsworth Matthew Eric Electrical Engineering
England Khayla N Physics
Estacio Jr Emilio Civil Engineering
Fandel Paul Michael Mechanical Engineering
Federici Roman V Computer Science
Ferreira Garret David Computer Science
Fredette Cristina M. Mechanical Engineering
Gaffey II Barry Thomas Computer Engineering
Gallant Christopher Francis Mechanical Engineering
Gaskell Brian Edmund Computer Science
Gildea John Graham Electrical Engineering
Gomes Michael Vaz Mechanical Engineering
Goncalves Edson D Electrical Engineering
Goncalves David Joseph Computer Engineering
Gould David Micheal Mechanical Engineering
Grota Andrew T Civil Engineering
Grozier Patrick M. Electrical Engineering
Hallahan David Louis Electrical Engineering
Hammond Kevin Jason Civil Engineering
Hayden Eric B Mechanical Engineering
Hogg Corey J Civil Engineering
Holloway Anthony R Mechanical Engineering
Houghton Selina Marie Electrical Engineering
Huntress Samuel Davis Computer Science
Ide Mark Cranston Computer Science
Jamieson Alex B Mechanical Engineering
Janofsky Kevin Paul Mechanical Engineering
Jenblat Omar Computer Engineering
Jerome Ashley Computer Science
Jumper Kevin Arthur Physics
Jumper Peter Harrison Physics
Kayserman Michelle Elizabeth Civil Engineering
Kidder Nicholas Brooks Civil Engineering
Kinahan Elizabeth Lucille Computer Science
LaPlante Matthew W Civil Engineering
Leahy Conal Edward Mechanical Engineering
Lebeau Jason P Computer Engineering
Ledoux Nathan Computer Science
Lee Jayme Christopher Computer Engineering
Lunn Steven Maxwell Mechanical Engineering
Luu Phat T Mechanical Engineering
Macedo Brandon M. Mechanical Engineering
Machairas John Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Madonna Matthew Kevin Computer Science
Mahaba Ahmed Diaa Civil Engineering
Malaquias Corey Anthony Electrical Engineering
Martin Nicholas J Civil Engineering
Matejka Eric Alan Civil Engineering
Mathieu Michael Raymond Computer Science
Matos Helio D Mechanical Engineering
Meas Sarena Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Merullo Russell B. Computer Engineering
Michel Chad John Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Christopher B Mechanical Engineering
Mitsmenn Benjamin Joseph Civil Engineering
Montrond David Gomes Mechanical Engineering
Mooney Corey Daniel Mechanical Engineering
Mulveyhill Andrew John Mechanical Engineering
Murphy Brendan J Electrical Engineering
Nardone Thomas Arthur Mechanical Engineering
Nelson Jordan Vincenzo Mechanical Engineering
Nguyen Minh Computer Science
Noonan Meghann E. Mechanical Engineering
Noversa Neal Civil Engineering
Nunes Paul S. Computer Science
O'Brien Tomas P Electrical Engineering
Oliveira Tania Domingos Computer Science
Ortler Michael Steven Civil Engineering
Ouellette Jr. Peter Paul Computer Science
Owusu Kofi Electrical Engineering
Paduch Nolan James Computer Engineering
Paradis Brady R Electrical Engineering
Paus Caleb Erikson Civil Engineering
Peavey Shawn Kevin Mechanical Engineering
Pereira Stephen David Mechanical Engineering
Pereira Jason Mathew Mechanical Engineering
Pinault Brian Michael Physics
Pires-Galvao Adilson J Computer Science
Pivonka Ryan Christopher Mechanical Engineering
Polleys Robert Lloyd Mechanical Engineering
Porter William Ward Civil Engineering
Powell Jack Ribeiro Computer Engineering
Raymond Timothy J. Computer Science
Rezendes Jeffrey A Computer Science
Rienzie Adam Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Runyon Justin Stephen Mechanical Engineering
Sanders Laquita Nicole Mechanical Engineering
Sarkes Daniel Physics
Shea Derek A Electrical Engineering
Shruhan Andrew Paul Electrical Engineering
Skillin Jacob Mark Computer Science
Sorrentino Matthew L Computer Science
Sousa Jeffrey A Mechanical Engineering
Southworth Elliot Robert Mechanical Engineering
Spilhaus Tyler Mickey Physics
St. Louis Matthew Paul Computer Science
Strittmatter Jr Paul E. Mechanical Engineering
Sullivan Nolan C Computer Science
Tandon Tapan Mechanical Engineering
Tavares Kevin Electrical Engineering
Theriault Kristian Elizabeth Civil Engineering
Udoh Margaret Johnson Electrical Engineering
Ueng Soksiny Computer Science
Underwood Lauren E Civil Engineering
Vincent Matthew Edward Computer Science
Vissotto Pedro Afonso Mechanical Engineering
Weaver Andrew S Civil Engineering
Wieczorek Steven Computer Science
Willard Gregory Barrett Mechanical Engineering
Willis Andrew James Mechanical Engineering
Wolak Thomas M Computer Science
Wright David John Civil Engineering





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