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2014 College of Engineering Undergraduate Recipients

Last Name First Name Major
Andino Luis A Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Andrews Jacob Mechanical Engineering
Armin Adam Computer Engineering
Barron Cameron Paul Electrical Engineering
Bednarz Andrew Thomas Computer Engineering
Berganti Christopher Ross Civil Engineering
Bigos Jared David Electrical Engineering
Bird Phillip A Mechanical Engineering
Bizcaino William A Civil Engineering
Blanchard Keith Allen Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Boileau Steven William Mechanical Engineering
Bomely Ashley Civil Engineering
Bonnell Jordan Daniel Computer Engineering
Bourne Joseph R Mechanical Engineering
Brown Steven Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Brown Alex Harrison Computer Engineering
Browne Eric Electrical Engineering
Buenrostro Jacqueline Civil Engineering
Butler Jeremiah Daniel Computer Science
Campbell Kameron Donald Civil Engineering
Campbell Kevin Christopher Electrical Engineering
Card Eric E Civil Engineering
Cardello William J Electrical Engineering
Carter Jesse Alexander Electrical Engineering
Casali Daniel Civil Engineering
Cesar Alison Jane Civil Engineering
Charles-Ogan Tamunoala Electrical Engineering
Chiodi Robert Michael Mechanical Engineering
Conlon Dylan Thomas Civil Engineering
Connor Cameron J Mechanical Engineering
Conroy William Marks Electrical Engineering
Coon Joseph Earl Civil Engineering
Cornish Robert Walter Computer Engineering
Corsini Andrew Joseph Computer Engineering
Costa Kyle Benjamin Civil Engineering
Craven Sean Ryan Civil Engineering
Crawford Eben Charles Bioengineering
Crocker Evan M Mechanical Engineering
Croft Nicholas A Civil Engineering
Crum Stephen Matthew Bioengineering
Da Lomba Thomas Goncalves Civil Engineering
DaSilva Janssen F Civil Engineering
Davis Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Davis Shawn Allen Mechanical Engineering
Davis Dylan Alden Parker Computer Science
Davis Lawrence T Civil Engineering
Degroof Richard P Computer Science
DiBenedetto Michael Peter Civil Engineering
Diniz Stephen Gil Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
DiSalvo Zachary Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Donnelly Benjamin Joseph Computer Science
Duff Jr William A Physics
Dustman Devin Thomas Computer Science
Edwards Brendan R Computer Science
Embry Andrew Lee Computer Science
Esteves Christian Computer Science
Ferreira Tiffany A. Physics
Flannagan Andrew William Civil Engineering
Frenette Jay Alexandre Mechanical Engineering
Furtado Christopher Civil Engineering
Gatzogiannis John-Elias Thomas Computer Engineering
Gaulin Brendan Adam Computer Science
Gega Sindi Computer Engineering
Gomez Carlos Alexander Electrical Engineering
Gorman Jonathan R Civil Engineering
Grasso Thomas Justin Civil Engineering
Haghighi Pejman Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Hanna Maged E Computer Engineering
Hansen Ryan Kenneth Mechanical Engineering
Hansson James Bengt Mechanical Engineering
Harris Joan Mechanical Engineering
Hart Adam M Civil Engineering
Hassoun Rola H Civil Engineering
Hazle Reynaldo Samir Mechanical Engineering
Helger Joseph Electrical Engineering
Hipolito Dylan J. Civil Engineering
Hossain Mohamed Kamrul Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Hughes Christopher Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Hughes Benjamin T Civil Engineering
Jamous Zachary A Civil Engineering
Jiminian Julian Robert Bioengineering
Jordan Christopher Robert Mechanical Engineering
Kidd Kyle J Computer Science
Killion Joshua Computer Science
Klokman Cory R Computer Engineering
Kramer Nathaniel Steven Electrical Engineering
Lacouture Alexander William Civil Engineering
Ladd Gregory Alexander Computer Engineering
Laferriere James Rudolph Electrical Engineering
Laghlam Sara Civil Engineering
Laurent Fritzner Bioengineering
Liang Yan Yan Civil Engineering
Luiz Joseph Silveira Civil Engineering
Lydon Kevin Computer Science
Magalhaes Peter C Computer Science
Magina Carlson Alberto Electrical Engineering
Makowski Leo Computer Engineering
Malaguti Brandon David Computer Engineering
Marini Brandon B Civil Engineering
Masri Ferris Faisal Civil Engineering
Massa David M Mechanical Engineering
Masterson Matthew Burke Mechanical Engineering
Mcbarron Kevin Andrew Mechanical Engineering
McClain Edward Physics
Mendell Stefan Worthington Mechanical Engineering
Mendonca Matthew Fernandes Electrical Engineering
Mohler James Anthony Electrical Engineering
Moniz Nicholas James Physics
Montano Anthony Stephen Electrical Engineering
Morris Thomas Edmond Civil Engineering
Mullaney Joshua Robert Computer Science
Mumme Tyler Eddie Civil Engineering
Nadeau Ryan Gerard Computer Science
Newell Casey Physics
Njoku Alexander U Computer Science
Nurse Derrik James Mechanical Engineering
O'Brien Abigail Elizabeth Computer Science
Ogunjobi Oyindamola Mechanical Engineering
Ouellette Kyle J. Computer Science
Overko Ryan James Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Pacheco Shawn Civil Engineering
Parker Lindsey L Computer Science
Pedro Neuza Pimentel Computer Engineering
Peguero Chany Computer Science
Pelletier Nicole Suzanne Mechanical Engineering
Peloquin Ethan Everett Mechanical Engineering
Pierre Jean Evans Computer Engineering and Physics
Poste Christian L Civil Engineering
Prairie David Computer Engineering
Quinn Benjamin Robert Mechanical Engineering
Reilly Jessica Amanda Bioengineering
Reis Melissa Electrical Engineering
Rich Jonathan J Mechanical Engineering
Rivera Jonathan Electrical Engineering
Rodriguez Jazmin Y. Computer Engineering
Rodriguez Michael Electrical Engineering
Roldan Calvin John Computer Engineering
Ross Evan L Civil Engineering
Roulier Jared Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Rowe Kyle Rowe Mechanical Engineering
Sah Sanjeev Kumar Computer Engineering
Sampson Benjamin Civil Engineering
Santamaria Kendra E Civil Engineering
Simmons Andrew Joseph Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Slade Collin Patrick Civil Engineering
Snee Sean P. Civil Engineering
Snyder Allen J Physics
Sullivan Sean Robert Civil Engineering
Sweet Timothy B Computer Science
Switaj Zachary John Mechanical Engineering
Syner Katina M. Civil Engineering
Tannous Massarrah Computer Engineering
Thayer Benjamin Alden Mechanical Engineering
Tobiason Lane Mechanical Engineering
Tomkiewicz Wiktor Piotr Civil Engineering
Veasey Patrick Computer Science
Vincelette Nicholas James Electrical Engineering
Ward Travis Matthew Civil Engineering
Warrick Adrian Formoso Mechanical Engineering
Werminghausen Philipp Computer Science
Weymouth Andrew Computer Engineering
White Matthew James Civil Engineering
Whittaker Benjamin D Mechanical Engineering
Williams Matthew C Mechanical Engineering
Wood Joseph Electrical Engineering
Worthington Jade V Computer Science
Zaczkiewicz Thomas Moyer Computer Science
Zak Paul John Electrical Engineering
Zeppenfeld Kevin Michael Mechanical Engineering