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 Dr. Margaret Geller

Commencement Honorary Degree Recipient geller Dr. Margaret Geller is internationally known for her work on "Mapping the Universe," a pioneering three-dimensional map of the large-scale structure of the universe. Professor of astronomy at Harvard University, she has produced six films, among them the award-winning "Where the Galaxies Are" and "Mapping the Universe," broadcast by NBC, ABC, CNN, and the Christian Science Network.

Recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship for 1990-1995, Dr. Geller is the author or co-author of more than 150 scientific articles and more than 15 popular articles. She has been elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Sigma Xi, and the National Academy of Science, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society. The second woman to receive a doctorate in physics from Princeton University, Dr. Geller has received a number of awards and honors; serves on more than 40 national and international committees; and has lectured at, among other universities, Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, and the University of Pennsylvania.