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Order Commencement Videos

2011 through 2007

Event Video Company (EVC) has been contracted to record and sell videos of the UMass Dartmouth commencement. They have videos from the year they first worked with the university, when they were called Firewire Films. You can order the DVDs from their website; choose the appropriate year below.

Please note for 2011: The 2011 graduates were each sent a copy of the video as part of their graduation package. You do not have to visit the EVC website to order your copy; UMass Dartmouth has taken care of the details for you. If you want to order additional copies of the 2011 commencement video, visit the EVC website.

For Commencements 2007 through 2011, please see the EVC website.

For any questions, contact EVC.

2006 and earlier

We have recordings of commencements going back to 2001, except 2005 due to technical difficulties. We will gladly make you a copy of any commencement video and send it to you for $27.50 for each video. That price includes shipping and handling. We can make DVDs and VHS tapes; just specify which format you'd like.

Please make the check out to Library/Photograpics Dept., and send it with a letter indicating the videos you want to:

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
PhotoGraphics Dept.-Library Building
c/o Heather Tripp
285 Old Westport Road
No. Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

We do not offer online ordering for these videos at this time, unfortunately. We appreciate your patience. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.





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