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Community Companions Program

Peer Mentoring

The first year of college is a huge adjustment. Success in the first year dramatically raises the odds of graduating. The Counseling Center has a peer mentoring program focused on helping first year students get the most out of their experience. The mentors are upper level students, generally nursing or psychology majors. They commit to meeting with their assigned first year students once a week, for lunch or dinner, to hang out, or to attend an event on campus. They are knowledgeable about the campus and can help students find organizations to join and figure out the ins and outs of campus services. All first year students who seek counseling services are offered a mentor. The mentor and mentee meet in the counselor's office, exchange contact info and arrange for their first get together. The mentoring program is known as Community Companions, formerly Compeer. Mentors receive training and can earn academic credit for participation in the program. 

For more information about the program, or information about becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact Dr. Sarah Conklin.

Community Companions Volunteer Program

Need another class?   Be a Community Companions volunteer for academic credit.  



Fall 2014


Training I                         Tuesday, September 9, 2014       6 pm to 8 pm              

Training II                        Tuesday, September 16, 2014     6 pm to 8 pm           

Discussion Group             Tuesday, October 7, 2014            6 pm to 7 pm              

Discussion Group             Tuesday, November 4, 2014         6 pm to 7 pm               

Discussion Group             Tuesday, December 2, 2014         6 pm to 7 pm               

All trainings and discussion groups will meet in LARTS - 116

First year students are welcome as volunteers.   Sophomore or above standing and a 2.0 or better gpa is necessary to receive credit.  Most students earn 1 credit per semester though it is possible to put in additional hours and earn more credits. Each credit requires 45 hours of participation. Students may volunteer with the program for credit for more than one semester. The University allows students to earn up to 6 credits in experiential learning. Students may earn experiential credits in psychology (Psych 298) or in nursing (Nursing 298).   This is an excellent experience for pre-med, nursing, psych, soc, and pre-law students.

 Students are assigned in pairs to programs that serve people with mental illness, autism or intellectual disability and spend a minimum of 2 hours a week at the program, engaging in social and recreational activities with clients.   Time slots are available on weekends and weekdays and during either the day or early evening.   (Students without transportation can pair up with a student who has a car or pick a program within walking distance of the campus or the Star Store.)   The paperwork for registering for credit will be completed during the training.   Just show up if you are interested.  

 For more information call 508 999 8649 or send email to cfrizzell@umassd.edu.