Internship Program

Our Training Program

The UMass Dartmouth Counseling Center has been training interns for over 25 years. We strive to provide our interns with exposure to a wide range of clinical issues while helping them to develop their own professional identity.

The program consists of a weekly didactic training, group, individual supervision and regular staff meetings. Interns will be tasked with managing their own schedules which will include individual and group psychotherapy as well as some outreach. There are also many opportunities for interns to get involved with campus activities and other areas of student life for a greater exposure to the atmosphere and pace of work in a college counseling center.


Scheduling and Responsibilities

Our interns will gain experience in providing individual and group therapy, consultation, crisis intervention and outreach.  To comply with requirements for licensure, Doctoral students typically work about  30 hours per week and Master’s students work about 20 hours per week.  Everyone is expected to be in the office on Tuesday mornings, as that is when we have group supervision, didactic trainings and staff meetings. 

Quality supervision is essential to the process of becoming a therapist, and our supervision time is given a high priority in the Counseling Center. Doctoral students receive two hours per week of individual supervision and Master’s students receive one hour per week.  Both Doctoral and Master’s interns will also have one and one half hours per week of group supervision.  Aside from these formal supervision hours, we encourage and expect interns to seek out supervision and consultation with staff as necessary on an informal or emergency basis.

We value the services that our interns provide so every year we try to offer a stipend to interns.  The exact amount varies from year to year depending on budgetary constraints.


Applying to Our Program

Students interested in applying to the program should contact the training director, Dr. Sarah Conklin, and submit a cover letter, CV, and three letters of reference.

Selected candidates will meet with the staff for a structured interview. The interview process will occasionally require that we interview multiple candidates concurrently. Candidates are  encouraged to speak with our current interns before or during their visit to ask any additional questions.

Please direct questions about the application process to the training director, Dr. Sarah Conklin at