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CVPA, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, is a comprehensive arts college with Bachelor's and Master's programs that prepare students for careers in the arts. To assure that its programs meet appropriate standards, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the national accrediting body for the visual arts.

Undergraduate students in the college may choose concentrations from a broad spectrum of the arts, all of which provide a framework for developing a high degree of professional competence and pursuing individual creative goals. Essential to this framework are the academic programs and resources of the whole university.

Students of Visual Design may select Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, or Digital Media and receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design. Students of Artisanry may select Ceramics, Jewelry/ Metals, or Textile Design/Fiber Arts and receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Students may also pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Art Education, Painting/2D Studies, or Sculpture/3D Studies. Students may also pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History or in Music.

The facilities and equipment on the Dartmouth and New Bedford campuses are a source of pride for our students and faculty, and are among the finest in New England. Visits by applicants are encouraged.

Individual attention is also emphasized. Students are encouraged to consult with the Foundation advisors, departmental advisors, the Chairpersons, and the Dean about choosing programs and options and on matters concerning their progress at the university. Contact information