Incoming First-Year Students

Undergraduate applicants must follow UMass Dartmouth’s admissions procedures

Applicants to any of the studio arts programs must also meet portfolio requirements as an element of the admission decision.

Submitting your portfolio

Submit your portfolio online via Slideroom.

  • First-year portfolio: 12 original works of art
  • Transfer portfolio: 15 original works of art

Files we accept in the portfolio

  • Images (jpg, gif, png) up to 5 MB each
  • Videos (flv, wmv, mov, mp4) up to 60 MB each
  • Audio (mp3) up to 30 MB each
  • Documents (pdf) up to 10 MB each

SlideRoom provides an opportunity to submit information that is useful in understanding the work in the images. Use this feature to specify the size, medium, and date of completion of each piece. Descriptions of the assignments, concepts, or processes involved in the making of the work may also be included.

Advice & support

If you cannot submit a portfolio via SlideRoom, contact Admissions to make other arrangements. No hard copy submissions will be kept on file or returned.

More information: portfolio deferred option