Admissions: Transfer Students

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Submission of an art portfolio is required for admission to all undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Please note that our faculty recognize that a portfolio is not a precise measure of potential, and that applicants come to the college with varying experiences of previous art instruction.

Undergraduate transfer portfolio submission specifications:

A transfer portfolio consists of 15 original works of art. Applicants may submit their portfolio online via Slideroom at

These are the kinds of files we accept in the portfolio:

Images (jpg, gif, png) up to 5 MB each
Videos (flv, wmv, mov, mp4) up to 60 MB each
Audio (mp3) up to 30 MB each
Documents (pdf) up to 10 MB each

Transfer students are admitted into specific majors only. Art portfolios are used as an aid in the evaluation of students' previous work if submitted for transfer credit at UMass Dartmouth. CVPA offers extensive programming options within its areas of study. Transfer students selecting a major with program options – such as Visual Design – will be required to select an option when accepted. Transfer students who wish to be admitted into courses above the sophomore level must bring a portfolio to transfer orientation. Acceptance into advanced courses is not automatic.

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If an applicant can not submit a portfolio via SlideRoom, contact Admissions to make other arrangements.