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A common thread of innovation and achievement connects the thousands of alumni of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. These artists consistently influence their respective fields in a multitude of meaningful ways. Many CVPA alumni remain connected to our programs, returning each year to share their expertise with our students. The CVPA alumni community is a growing and dynamic creative force.

The College of Visual and Performing Arts is actively reaching out to strengthen our network of distinguished alumni. If you are a CVPA alumni, we are looking for you! Please fill out a CONNECTIONS FORM so we can stay in touch and highlight the important work you are doing since leaving CVPA. It's a great opportunity for our current students to see what is possibly ahead for them.

Also visit the University Alumni Association website, and the CVPA Student & Alumni New page.

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Attention CVPA alumni!

CVPA is participating in the 2012 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) – a survey that explores the lives of arts alumni nationwide.

This Fall, all CVPA graduates will receive an email invitation to participate in the online survey.  Once you verify the UMD alumni office has a current email address, you will be able to share your academic and professional experiences which will help shape the future of arts education at CVPA and elsewhere across the country.

After completing the survey, alumni will have access to a site where you can see how your experience compares with those of other arts graduates across North America. Information from the survey will include where arts graduates live, where they work, what they earn and how their arts educations have influenced their lives.

The time our alumni spend sharing experiences will benefit CVPA along with many other participating institutions across the country to better prepare students for success, whether they stay in the arts or use what they’ve learned in other professional fields.

SNAAP is supported by grants from the Surdna Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and other foundations.

Please keep your eye out for the SNAAP survey this Fall.