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ERIC GUERIN - BFA in Photography, 1995

On his work:

I am owner of Adelie Studios, a visual design company offering integrated solutions for businesses in graphic and web design based in Sutton, Massachusetts. My company also offers illustration, photography and video animation/design services. I am especially proud to employ two other CVPA alumni as designers, in addition to the numerous CVPA alumni I contract to do freelance work in illustration and animation. Currently, I am working on several corporate identity logo designs, eight web sites in various stages of completion and posters for a large international company.

On his recent accomplishments:

I recently completed a corporate identity design for a product that is being launched internationally at many large department stores in Spring 2007. The design included the website, product packaging, store display, television commercial and Flash animated product tutorial.

On his proudest achievement as an artist:

The one-year anniversary of Adelie Studios in 2004 was a great personal triumph for me. It proved to me that you can do something you enjoy and still pay the bills.


UMass Dartmouth provided a diverse education in many different areas of art, design and a very solid general education. When I graduated from UMass Dartmouth, computers were just starting to become a tool in the designer's arsenal. Now they are the driving force in the field. Having a solid background in traditional design techniques and an education in color theory and spatial relationships has truly helped my design skills. New computer programs for design are developed and change all the time, but the elements of visual design I learned at UMass Dartmouth remain constant. Speaking with more recent CVPA alumni, it's encouraging to hear that the college is on the leading edge of design technology and hardware for its students.

On CVPA faculty:

My first graphic design professor, Howard Windham, introduced the theory of Gestalt and its application in design. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is a mantra he discussed and I repeat in my head, even now, when working on a difficult or complex design project.

On lessons learned in the "real world":

You CAN work for yourself. After 9/11, like many other designers I was laid off, so I immediately started building a client base. I continued building my business, all the while working part-time for another company, mostly out of fear that my business wouldn't succeed. But after a year, it quickly became clear that I should go into business for myself. So I jumped and it has been a great success ever since. Owning your own company is not for everyone because you need to be motivated, be willing to work long hours and even occasionally pulling the all-nighter (although it's not as easy as it used to be when I was at UMass!). The reward is that you get to work with your customers start to finish on a project. When you deliver a job to a customer and exceed their expectations, that is the ultimate reward.

Advice for today's students:

Your learning has only just begun. There is always something new or a different way of looking at things that you can learn from. Especially in design, if you refuse to change with the times, you will soon be out of work. So learning new and unique ways of solving problems in design can only help you grow as a designer.